Friday, 27 June 2008

Godfather Raccoon Part 4

My brain is fried this morning so if this post makes little sense .. that is one excuse I will use.
The escape hole in the wire, under the eve. was HUGE yesterday morning .. the Sumo-Wrestling Raccoon is BIG. Critter Ridder (now quickly becoming USELESS ridder) came and put more wire on to try the "one -way system" again.
Last night around 10 PM ... Hubby, Son, and good hearted neighbors were outside watching him .. hubby had hose and trying to discourage it .. after it did its gymnast routine and laughed his A** (raccoon that is) off at the crowd watching him ... he/she disappeared under the deck and said crowd had to leave it for the night and go to bed hi-jinks over for the night ... DISCOURAGED with no solution YET !
5 AM this morning ... I was awakened out of a deep sleep ( how CRUEL IS THAT I ASK YOU ???) .. to noises in the attic ... so IT is having a field day running around the attic planning its next series of adventures to torture us with .....................
The Saga Continues ....................................................................... BIG sigh


Anonymous said...

Yikes!!!! Sounds like zapping the critter with a tranquilizer dart and hauling him off to parts unknown (or, say, blowing him away with a .45) are options worth considering. Short of baording up all access to the attic, I don't know what else you could do. Mayeb bait a (really big) Hav-a-Hart trap in the attic? Here in the States, there are animal control officers; do you have anything like that up there? Er. Good luck!!!

Nancy J. Bond said...

How annoying! Can they not set a live trap outside for if and when he decides to crawl out again? They are such pesky critters, and they can be real snarly, so do be careful.

Rose said...

That is one determined raccoon! I hope the Critter Ridder comes up with an alternate plan.
If you have time this weekend, Sophie and Emma might enjoy my post today.

cindee said...

Yikes. Sorry!!! Those raccoons are strong. They can move furniture...(-: Maybe you can offer him a job as the head gardener and give him a place to live. No more sponging off you that way. Theres gotta be a way to strike up a deal.(-:

Brenda Kula said...

This happens at our house usually in fall and spring when rats somehow worm their way into our attic. They are LOUD! I would like to see one of these things on a scale just to see if they weigh as loud as they sound! I'm so with ya, hon. I was afraid the Critter Ridder was going to be inept somehow. I don't know quite why. I guess because at our house, those same sorts of things happen! And I don't want to be cruel here, but I'm laughing my ass off. Cause you've never been as funny as when you've been mad at this erstwhile creature! It makes for good comedy!

Owin & Irena said...

is there anyway to get a light up there? my parents had a similar raccoon problem. my dad plugged in one of those super-bright lights you sometimes see used by renovators and painters. he left it on for a few hours and that raccoon was outta there. don't know if the light did the trick or if there was another factor but it might be worth a shot. good luck getting rid of the unwanted visitor.

easygardener said...

Please can we have a video of all the action :-)

WiseAcre said...

So the Saga continues.

Here's something to cheer you up :)

Dime to Retire

GardenJoy4Me said...

EG ... I have my pajamas on before 4 PM .. I know ... how insane is that ? .. but .. I am a menopausal woman who does what is best for everyone at the time !!!!! hahaha
All that action after 10 PM ... JEEZ ! haha

irena .. that sounds like a great idea .. but too hard to get it going where this very bad boy picked to laugh at us all .. plus wave "the finger" .. hubby swears he saw him do that .... double jeez !

Brenda ... we may just put this bad boy on a plane with a tag addressed to YOU girl !!! he might even take care of the rat problem if you make pancakes with Canadian maple syrup for him ? .. the good point about this guy, raccoon 'man', who is supposed to be able to get rid of said bad boy ... he doesn't get PAID until the job is done to our satisfaction .. at least we have that on our side ... I'm very funny when I'm tortured like this .. keeps the insanity in check ? for a bit ?

Cindee .. I figure this raccoon has to have a soft spot for something .. and you might see what it is with the next post .. either our saint of a neighbor has left us a method .. or raccoon man has finally caved in with a trap .. post to come !

Rose ... I will make sure to check on your post .. I'm so tired of talking about my problem over here it is ridiculous ! LOL .. even Sophie and Emma don't want to listen to me any more ... hubby is out golfing .. and of course I visited the garden centers and brought some babies home ... I need therapy !

Nancy that is what I think .. and apparently some one has left a trap with us including a can of smelly cat food .. not sure if it is raccoon man or wonderful neighbor ? .. and yes ! I don't want to be any where near this cranky "Fat B******D" as Austin would say, when they trap him ?

'ben" yup ! we do have animal control officers .. the Human Society is so booked up we would have to wait for ages .. our neighbor next door is the good one that spotted him for us .. she is in by-law enforcement .. animals in fact .. I think she may have left a trap with cat food for us .. not sure who did actually .. have to find out the mystery !