Monday, 16 June 2008

Gypsy Dancer

Gypsy Dancer heuchera smack in the middle with the hosta and all sorts, looks a little small right now. She is a new baby to my front garden. I have a thing for "marbled" leaves and when I spotted her .. well, you know the drill when we are bitten by a plant .. it is in the car and home to the garden before I have any second thoughts ! I haven't had any of those thoughts .. I have great expectations for her .. I just know she won't disappoint me : )


megan said...

It's perfect surrounded by all the golden leaves. Love the whole grouping.

Anonymous said...

Ooh---delciate and lovely, Joy! Great combination!!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi 'ben" .. it is so small right now its impact is not that great .. but I have high hopes for it ! : )

Thanks Megan .. I hope it will be as beautiful as my other marbled heucheras .. and be happy with its neighbors too ? haha

Viooltje said...

I can never get enough of your fairy-like shady spots, with so much colour and so alive and what overwhelms me the slugzillas! No slugastic damage. I can only dream of growing something in the shade, while even my sunniest perennial border gets wrecked in slug attack. And now even the moles have turned against me. And I don't have the heart to ever do something harmful to 'em. And Kristy & Krusty are of no use. Spoiled little wenches! Well now that I've finished my ranting, I'll leave you to your garden magic. Really something to be enjoyed and proud of!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Violet .. I can only imagine the war you have with those horrible slugzillas .. I actually knocked one off a coneflower this morning .. a tiny thing but it gave me shivers up my spine for the whole morning .. so dealing with what you have to do .. well, I'd be a raving lunatic (hey .. I am most days anyways ? LOL).
I have been lucky s o far .. I'm sure the dinner bell will ring loud and long for Canuck SLUGS to come and feast on the smorg board SOON !
You are such a kind heart I know you couldn't harm anything intentionally .. so the slugs obviously KNOW that don't they ? : ) LOL