Friday, 6 June 2008

How are you supports ?

I think I take as much time choosing support structures as I do plants. The only problem is I can't study them the way I do plants on the net with their information. I have to make decisions on the spot. One year I had an absolute field day with finding some beautiful ones at bargain prices (who doesn't love that aspect ?) .. they were called "cathedral window" style ... I wish I had bought a dozen of them because every gardener knows the older the plants get, the more they need support .. something like humans ?
Dr. Rupple clematis is actually on an arbor trellis, but it always seems to fall out on either side. So I use to of my "window" ones to gather it in and keep it under control. What do you look for in support ?


lisa said...

I like to collect trellises and such too. Lately I've been into obelisks, and I got a cute triangle-shaped corkscrew one this year.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Lisa .. this year I bought two obelisks .. triangle form. with lots of metal work to them .. Already I am thinking how great they are going to look in the winter time .. now is that crazy or what ? LOL

Linn said...

Supports seem to be my blind spot in the garden. Always remember them to late. Combine this forgetfulness with a flare for large ramblers and tall perennials and you get - a lot of bad words after heavy rains...
Got any tips for really sturdy supports? Need some help.

Cinj said...

I love things for my plants to climb on! I have a three sided arbor and a trellis. I plan on getting a binch more too, I'd also love one of those arch ways that you put over your sidewalk.

I plan on buying more too as I grow and biuld my gardens.

Nancy J. Bond said...

It's not crazy at all that you're thinking ahead to winter -- forgetting about the early heat wave you're having in ON! -- that's what makes gardeners gardeners. Season to season, always planning and dreaming. :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Nancy hello there !
Yes .. I know you are right .. I feel a tad guilty thinking this way because I moaned and groaned about how long winter seemed to be .. then bang the heat wave and jungle conditions ! LOL
My garden dreaming has taken over the "lotto" dreaming .. probably for the best , right ? ; )

Cinj .. you have lots of space to plan for .. so you are going to have fun for a long time ! .. Mine is getting smaller and smaller .. kind of scary .. haha

Hello Linn ! ..You made me snort giggle here .. believe me .. I say a lot of naughty words here too STILL ! .. the advice I would give is make sure the supports are strong .. metal is a good element .. for strength, and weathering makes it look good .. Some wood construction will do the job too ..the more it goes into the ground, the stronger the support .. between the weight of the plants and wind factor ..
you will know when you really look at it, if it is going to do the job for what plant you are supporting .. good luck !