Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Kit and Kaboodle

It was a "rain" day here .. and ok .. laundry day .. all the better to make use of a rain day right ? .. so what would I be doing if it weren't for household chores .. take a guess looking at Emma and Sophie .. aka "Kit & Kaboodle" when they are snug in a bed of choice, of many throughout the house ? I can't help but nickname them this .. Emma is getting big and Sophie .. well she is Sophie .. so it is getting SNUG !


Nancy J. Bond said...

Emma really IS getting big! Don't they pick the funniest places to sleep? Both lovely girls you have there, Joy!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Hey there girlfriend, you are back on blotanical. Kitties are darling.

Anna said...

They sure like being together. They do have the softest looking fur. I need to go to bed. I got to be at the I-Hop at 10 am.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Anna .. IHops ? I have never been to one, even when we traveled through the States .. pancakes, right ? LOL Have a great time there girl !

Thanks Debbie .. they are darling most of the time ? til Emma gets that "badness" going .. then all blank breaks loose !

Thanks Nancy .. they have "beds" all over the house .. I think we went a bit overboard ? LOL

Zoë said...

They are so gorgeous, and Emma is adorable, I would Catnap them, but they seem pretty good at it themselves!



Gail said...

As always the girls look cute..I love trying to figure out where Coal will sleep next, he as several places he favors but moves about, 2 days here, 2 days there. Sophie peaking over the table is still my fav.

Jane Marie said...

Lucky you, you're back on the picks list. I've signed up for Feedburner and am waiting to see what happens next.

Darling kitties. I wish my whole family wasn't allergic. I want one so bad!

Water Roots said...

Oh how sweet. I used to have a mother/son team that was inseparable, but that was different. But in all the years I had cats (not anymore...sigh), I've never seen a pair so close and in such harmony. Most of the ones I raised got along reasonably well but they never would have huddled like that LOL…there was always a ‘respectable’ distance between them. Anyhow, yours are adorable. Do they go outside or are they strictly indoor cats?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Water Roots ..
Right now they are doing the wrestle mania thing .. they are mad at me for being gone all morning .. now, coming in from the heat of the garden after doing a few chores .. well .. they NEED attention ? LOL
My cats are strictly indoor cats .. I can't imagine having them go out the way the world is today .. too scary !

Hi Jane Marie .. it wasn't too much of a headache .. but I hate trying to change things .. afraid of really screwing things up .. but here I am again .. you should be soon too !

Gail .. that one of Sophie is mine too but I didn't save the full format picture (DUH?) .. cats are a force unto themselves .. some what like gardeners ?

Hi Zoe .. yes, they have the cat nap things down very well .. but when Emma gets going .. it is like a tornado on four paws .. just that age ? haha

Rose said...

Looks like the perfect way to spend a rainy day--taking a catnap!
I always enjoy seeing your "girls."

GardenJoy4Me said...

Rose .. after reading your story .. and seeing your pictures .. I am not going to complain about our rain !
You have been through the mill girl .. and you need some down time for just yourself.
Hope everything dries out and you can get back to a normal routine !