Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Raccoon Saga Part III

These pictures suck .. the sun was too bright, and of course our gray and white building material makes it hard to have definition contrasted well enough. These are before shots of the door-way and attempted doorways. Critter ridder guy, a little slick talking, but once I put my no nonsense menopausal superwoman, don't fool with me, act on the line .. he got his game plan put together and explained properly. He put a 'one way" door-way at the main entrance/exit, revolving door in the 'eve' and then sealed all the other possible "others" .. he poked his head in and saw nothing but insulation, so buddy bandit was most likely wandering the bars and grills for refreshments .. Hubby stayed out and watched everything (our neighbors were watching too .. hehehe) .. so within the next few days critter ridder guy will look in on the situation and once he is sure the 'guest' has left he will take the temp one way entry hole entrapment thing ? off and seal it permanently .. with a one year guarantee party animal won't be back .. will this be the end of the saga ? I sure hope so because we are both fried from all the garden/shed clean-up work-outs, and stress of this uninvited Houdini of the animal world picking on us poor old folks home ?


Gail said...

Slick is the word for the Critter Ridder people! They wanted to sell me $ who knows what stuff. The interesting thing was the bait they used to flush out the raccoon was a southern treat (to some people) Moon Pies! The critter came out immediately to retrieve it and was in the cage and carted away!

Hope it works fast!


Rose said...

I do hope the "critter ridder" guy is successful; they usually know what they're doing. We have raccoons come up to the porch sometimes to investigate, but so far no further. But I've had friends with this experience, and I can assure you none of them had a raccoon fall through the ceiling on them! But have another glass of wine just in case.

Brenda Kula said...

I'm so glad he finally got there! I thought he might be a no-show. And nothing gets my menopausal mood-swings swingin' like a no-show I'm counting on!

Cat said...

I once lived in an duplex, roommate and living
room upstairs, me kitchen and bathroom downstairs.
Roommate had cats, used to leave window to balcony open.

Cat food in kitchen, guess who figured out there was a buffet available?

So, in the middle of the night I awake to some weird sounds outside my bedroom door!

I get up and open the door, and there is a rustling, I don't want to startle anything so I leave the lights off. Then I see the sillouette of a raccoon and the glint of it's eyes as it turns on the stairs to face me.
I shoo it and it moves up a couple of stairs, I take a step forward and shoo it again a few more steps and it stops and turns I realize I will be escorting it out. Slowly we make our way up the stairs, until he fops on the living room couch and pops back out of the window.

Needless to say roommates cats became "indoor at night" kitties after that.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cat ! ... that was some story ! .. I think in most encounters everyone has something to say about the glint in these guys eyes ..and sometimes they are VERY aggressive .. good thing you had the upper hand mind set ? wise LOL
Good ending with no violence ... phew !

Brenda he came .. but we are still stuck with this STUBBORN raccoon .. post to come .. and yes .. menopausal hormones are flying girl !!!!

Rose ... I like your attitiude about another glass of wine , just to be on the safe side ... this saga is still in high gear though ... BIG sigh !

Gail ... I have heard of Moon Pies .. son is going down to South Carolina for the rest of his vacation time .. he went in January .. he has friends their .. and a girlfriend that sends him goodies such as that , that we can't get in Canada .. spoiled ! LOL

easygardener said...

Raccoons are very exotic to us in the UK. I'm enjoying this saga - while sympathising with you at the same time I hasten to add :-)
No matter where you live there's always an irritating critter or two

cindee said...

That is really elaborate! Is that suppose to be an ennie meenie miney mo? Which panel opens...away I go? I read the other one first so I knew he got in(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

cindee .. this guy seems to be able to pick and choose what ever he considers worthy of his entrance ? .. exit ? .. this guy is something else ... and the raccoon is a royal pain as well ! LOL

EG .. I wondered about raccoons in the UK ... are there any in the wild or just at zoos , wildlife parks ? .. saga is ungoing at this house all the time with one thing or another ... BIG sigh!