Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Echinacea tennesseensis for Gail !

Gail of Clay and Limestone .. has the "Tennessee Cone flower" as one of her signature flowers of her blog. This flower has intrigued me and even though the actual natural one is not available to us .. the cultivar is so yup ! I had to have one .. and it is a pretty little star in my garden .. a nice contrast to the fat petals of my other cone flowers : ) So thanks Gail for some great ideas from your garden ! PS .. My Stargazers are almost ready to pop open too !


Joanne said...

Hi Joy, I'm so glad you mentioned Purple Fountain Grass in your comment! I've had a dilemma and don't know what to do, maybe you know? We planted 2 of these last year and they did fine, this spring trimmed them down, and nothing's growing yet. They're just brown stalks. You mentioned them as an autumn plant, and I was wondering if they should be growing yet. We were just about to pull them out, but do you know if they start this late? Thanks so much! P.S. Love those pictures of your cats yesterday! Sooo adorable.

Gail said...


I am so glad you found a cultivar! Isn't it lovely! and stargazer's too! The fragrance is delicious and you must sneak outside one evening to see if the Luna moths are visiting! Thank you for holler out and your welcome for the sweet compliment! Now tell me the cultivar name and is it from a local nursery?

I left a funny story and answer to your comment!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Gail .. this is the second time I'm trying to do this post back .. long day ? LOL
Echinacea ‘Rocky Top Hybrids’ from a local nursery that gets their plants from a main nursery near Niagra Falls (Canadian) Heritage Perennial .. they grow wonderful and yes ethical ? plants .. I'm so afraid of moths Gail you would laugh yourself sick .. so no chance of me investigating moths in the garden at night for me ! LOL

Joanne thanks so much for the compliments on my crazy cat pictures : )
I left an explanation of why we can't have Purple Fountain grass as a perennial in our growing zones .. I wish they could cultivate one that could make it through our winters .. I love that grass and have to buy a pot every Autumn .. addicted ! haha

Nancy J. Bond said...

I love coneflowers of most any variety -- they always remind me of a little bit of meadow, transplanted into a garden. :)

Joanne said...

Hi Joy, Thanks for your help. We love that grass too! We have a lot of green shrubbery, and I liked the contrast in color. Any ideas on an ornamental grass to substitute, something with color and fuzziness!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Joanne I am going to drop an e-mail to you with some grass ideas .. I have a few different ones so maybe you might find one you like ?

Nancy that is how I look at them too .. I don't have the type of new cultivars where their flower shape is altered .. I don't really like that type .. they lose something for me then .. just different intensity in colour .. hieght .. that sort of thing ..and the old cultivars are still good to me such as Magnus and White Swan : )