Monday, 7 July 2008

FB Racccoon TRICKED us yet again ............

Well ... hubby chose a PERFECT moment to tell me that FB Raccoon is still in residence. He and a friend of ours had been out all day fishing .. then came home to a nice relaxed supper with the most fantastic meal to eat leisurely out on the deck .. desert (most important part of any meal in my opinion : ) .. mango-raspberry mousse cake .. a COSTCO creation .. it was heaven .. UNTIL that DEADLY MOMENT.

Smack in the middle of a pleasant conversation ( by way of us each airing our opinions on what is wrong with the world .. only in the nicest way mind you .. )
Hubby pipes up out of the blue and says "I heard scratching at midnight .. thought it was Emma at the kitty post .................. then went on with the details of how it has to be FB Raccoon back in residence scratching his way through god knows what up there ..

I sank back in my new patio chair ready to rip off hysterics beyond frustration .. we had actually thought FB was gone and arranged for a contractor to come do the repairs .. now in my mind this calming plan BLEW UP in my face and I set my hard cold stare at hubby for picking the best time in the world to tell me this .. anyone sense the sarcasm here .. poor "friend" set his eyes on his dinner plate and instantly became silent due to the atmosphere of a brick wall coming down and I had a sledge hammer in hand ready to do the swinging ..

What could I do really ... but talk ? ... screaming would have been so much more satisfying ... ( the two of them are out today for a golf day on Wolfe Island ) need I say more ?
So here I am with a list of companies to call .. I guess I should have done this first .. but was so in a "UGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" state when this first all happened .. I let hubby take the reins ... not any more ..
A menopausal woman is twice as affective as any man on earth when it comes down to the crunch .. you just don't want to tick me off now .. do you ?
PS .. I do have a red light on my dashboard flickering once in a while .. I will let hubby take care of that for me .. sense of hypocrisy leaking out a bit there .. but do you really want to point that point that out to me right now ?

Next step .. shower .. war paint .. CALL LIST OF COMPANIES ..
The war kicks up a notch NOW !


Nancy J. Bond said...

Drat! I'd hoped he was gone for good. (Now I feel bad for sending you that picture! :-)

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good luck with your list;) Hope you find someone who can deal with FB. I have something in my attic. Not a raccoon, but I hear something scratching. Guess I need to get up there and see what it is. Possibly a squirrel. Then find where it's getting in.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Marnie .. I have two estimates and now waiting for the third company .. I have a feeling we will go with the first company even though they can't get here till the 16th .. they were so detailed in what the do that it ticked all the right boxes ..
This has been a nightmare for us .. we never had anything like this happen ..I was awake at 12 last night thinking I was hearing noises .. it drives you crazy !
There is a problem with bats around Kingston this year too .. I'm a mess thinking about it all.
I hope you get yours taken care of as well .. keep your sanity while you can girl ! LOL

Nancy .. don't be silly ! .. it was a funny picture .. you have to have something left of your humour with this sort of thing or I think I would go totally bonkers .. hoping to settle on a company and get this done RIGHT this time !