Thursday, 10 July 2008

For Prairie Rose and Gail ! ... monarda petite !

A little while ago Prairie Rose and I were talking about "Petite Delight" monarda .. she was a bit discouraged because hers was so small. I planted one little guy /gal last year and I have a host of little off-springs ? that seem pretty happy even after the soaking rain .. so Rose , take heart ! the little one will GROW : )
I just saw that Gail from Clay and Limestone did a wonderful post on her monarda and the beautiful visitors she is having because they attract their attention. Sadly I haven't had these wonderful butterflies in my garden yet .. or if they are here I have missed the boat ? haha
I wanted to link back to Gail so other gardeners who might stop here have a chance to see her wonderful post !

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Gail said...


Thanks for the holler out! I have been who knows where and missed this post of yours...I have linked directly here so others can see your delightful monarda!