Sunday, 27 July 2008

Summerwine .....

Summer Wine Ninebark is still one of my most favorite shrubs .. it is plagued by powdery mildew like Coppertina or Centerglow .. I don't know why that has happened to those two but I am discouraged by it .. I finally moved them to the back garden to see if better air flow would help ..
In any case .. I liked this picture with Summer Wine in focus and the Golden Elderberry not in focus .. contrasts galore ?


garden girl said...

They're beautiful shrubs Joy. I hope yours is happier in its new home.

cindee said...

Your ninebark is really pretty. To bad about the powdery mildew. Some plants are just Susceptible to it I guess.

Rose said...

Everything is looking gorgeous in your garden--all that rain is certainly helping. I've found this summer that outside of a few containers, I haven't had to water at all.

Gail said...

I took the weekend off and am catching up...I would grow this guy if I thought he could tolerate shade! I never knew they were susceptible to mildew!


Joanne said...

Hey Joy, I do like the color contrasts. Which is why I went out and bought more of that purple fountain grass! Love the contrasts with other shrubs. We found our options slim so late in season, so opted to plant two purple fountains again. Quick question, do you think it possible that if these were well covered over winter, they might survive? If not, we've got a great spring project for '09 choosing perm replacements :)

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Nice looking plant. Sorry about the mildew.

Katarina i Kullavik said...

I haven't seen this variety before - but it seems to be very nice! I like red-leaved shrubs a lot!
I've got Physocarpus opulifolius ’Diabolo’ - have you got that one? If you have - are they similar to each other?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Katarina ... I don't have Diablo, but I have two that have had that one bred with gold ones to produce new cultivars .. and they are very pretty once I get them over this powdery mildew problem .. "Centerglow" and "Coppertina" are remarkable beauties when they are in good shape .. I'm sure you would really like them too !

Thanks Debbie .. it is always something eh ? .. I have to track down that home recipe with baking soda in it for a spray to control that ... jeez !

Hi Joanne .. Hey, I'll be buying some for the Autumn display on my front step too .. I love the stuff even though I can't over winter it here .. I would say it isn't possible but hey .. you can always try .. I know I swim against the tide on some plants .. it never hurts right ? But YES ! .. do your research over winter on grasses you think you would like and then you will be prepared and ready for the project ! I love doing that : )

Hi Gail .. funny enough I never thought I would have that problem either .. I haven't with Summer Wine , it has been NO trouble at all .. but some how having the other two out front , well it seemed to tick them off a bit ? haha .. I have them in the back now and hopefully next season they will get over this crappy stuff !

Rose .. YES ! .. we haven't had so much rain in over 75 years in this part of Ontario (big province .. but in the south east part .. it has been remarkable) thank goodness because I haven't been able to keep up with the garden the way I usually do .. I hope to get back in it soon !

Cindee .. this one is great .. no problems with it .. but the other two that I went nuts trying to find .. bad year .. BUT .. try try again eh ? LOL

Thanks garden girl .. we all know plants should have little wheels that pop out when it is moving time ! LOL

Anna said...

What?? It gets Mildew? That's not good. It was on my must have list like the rest of your PW plants. I look at your gardens--and think--some day. I love contrast and your pic does look very nice.

Hey, I signed up for the Martha Stewart fall craft thing. They'll email me with the details. If anything is good, I'll let you know.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Anna ... there are less than 93 days left till Halloween .. we have to get going on plans girl .. and YES ! .. any good Halloween crafty things you see, let me know about them too please !
I was really disappointed to see both those shrubs have a problem, but I'm not giving up on them .. I'm hoping the new location in the back garden will have better air circulation and less tendancy to collect the mildew .. it might just work ... I'll have a better idea next year after a good cold winter and cut back.

Anna said...

I'm going to be watching your Ninebark and I'll let you about the good crafts.