Friday, 22 August 2008

Before the MISSION

I found a 'before" picture of my gorgeous, past tense HUGE (as in, well over 10 feet)Nanho Blue Buddleia .. but in the upper right hand corner is the run of the mill, heliopsis totally infested with aphids .. I swear I have never seen anything like it .. so, sadly yes, I cut back my gorgeous butterfly shrub .. couldn't even stop to pick out the wonderful blooms I could keep in a vase for a while .. the mission was cut and dry .. no time for smelling the 'roses" or crying while cutting .. it can lead to the dreaded finger loss with pruners flying ..
Now .. two huge gaping spaces in my sun border until Nanho returns for me next year (fingers crossed, as I still have all ten .. phew !) and I decide on the vacuum of space where Nanho was .. actually quite a few cone flowers are merging there .. this might be a bad thing, since talk of reversion has been bandied about .. YIKES ! .. stay tuned ?


cindee said...

Wow what a pretty color purple that is(-: Last year mine was so raggedy I pruned it way back. So this year its much nicer but I think it needs it done again. It doesn't look healthy like yours does either it always looks like something is eating it. Maybe it is!!!!!

Nancy J. Bond said...

What a shame. I hope the bush comes back for you!

Anna said...

The Nano is/was beautimus. Did you cut it back cause of the aphids on the other plants?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Anna .. LOL .. we talked about this girl ... LOL : )

Nancy .. fingers crossed .. I won't know until late Spring next year .. sigh !

Cindee .. I wonder what is happening to yours .. maybe that simple solution of a bit of dishsoap, a bit of oil and plain water might help ?

Anna said...

yes, I was behind conversations just a bit---you love me though---cause I remind you of some kind of halloween creature!

GardenJoy4Me said...

LOL .. You are a Halloween buddy Anna !!