Monday, 4 August 2008

False Blue Indigo

I'm not sure what the catalyst was this year for phenomenal growth with some plants .. just the right amount of rain and sun I hazard a guess at, because I have been neglectful this year indeed ! So mother nature has given me a hand with things up till now .. I'm watching the clouds for rain right now .. that would be a bonus after not feeling up to the watering routine really .. I have had to cut some indigo 'arms" back because they were so sheltering .. no chance for rain to hit the soil with a canopy of leaves like it had .. I wanted to keep some seed pods because they are so eye catching. I have fallen behind in all of my little projects .. it is that kind of a year .. darn ! I am happy to say though .. I spurred a pro on to get one of these plants .. the pro-pruning guy that was here just before the raccoon adventures started. Our neighbors had him do their very over grown pear tree too .. word of mouth advertising helped his business .. I wonder if I should have asked for a finder's fee ? haha


Brenda Kula said...

It's really so pretty! You should be so proud of your gardens! Is it boring around there now without the raccoon debacle? Well, I know those kitties must keep you highly entertained anyway! Mine do!

Anonymous said...

I'm not crazy about watering either. Dragging around hoses, yuck! :) It looks like you have received an ample amount of rain because your garden looks really lush and healthy.

Anna said...

You are so careful to make sure the plants get the right light and growing conditions--it shows. It pays back too doesn't it. Do you have a list of everything in your garden? I'd love to know. I'm so fearful I'm going to forget one of my favorites for next year's planting and you grow so many of the same ones I want. Will you make me a list?

I thought about you today as I was out watering my Pinky Winky, Little Lamb, and Limelight. I told them you said hello.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Anna .. I have plant tags from about 5 years .. so yes .. it is possible to do a list, if you are serious. I'm sure you have most of them filed away in your brain though ! .. The light conditions have been changing a great deal in that back garden .. I didn't account for that long term .. so next year I will have to move a lot of them around .. maybe get a few more hydrangea since I have more areas of partial shade .. so look out hydrangeas ? I'm coming ! LOL

Hello there PG ! .. I hate the watering routine so much .. I bought a long soaker hose for the front garden and do you think I have it in yet ? I'm remarkably LAZY this year and YES ! mother nature has helped me out a lot the previous two months .. but August is looking DRY so I have to kick myself and get going with the watering thing : (

Brenda .. my god girl ! I'm still trying to get over the raccoon adventures ! .. and yes .. the girls keep me well entertained, they are two kids that I have to clap my hands at every so often .. rough and rowdy .. you know what it can be like .. LOL