Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Little Lamb Bursting on the Buds

Little lamb has out done itself this year. I'm wondering if having it in a some what small, raised bed is a good idea. I read the plant info .. toss it around a few brain cells as I'm clamoring to get the darn plant .. make QUICK on the spot judgement calls that a normally sane logical person would certainly question .. and plunk the poor thing in a home I think will suit me more than the long suffering plant. My cracks are beginning to show as a gardener .. I have NOT taken the plant's feelings into account. This is going to make for an interesting time next year for sure .. or for how ever long I can forestall the earthquake of CHANGE ? It still is a beauty even if its home is not quite right .. I still have dried ones from last year and was very immaturely impressed with myself for being able to do a craft project of plunking flowers/stalks in a vase of sand and letting nature take its course .. ahhh ! life is sweet : )


cindee said...

What a beauty(-: I think it likes where it is(-: Sometimes I put things where I want them and they don't like it(-: But sometimes I get lucky and they do well(-:

Rose said...

Such a beautiful flower; it seems happy where it is, or maybe it is just trying to please you...
Every time I stop by here I see something new; you must have hundreds of varieties of plants!
Neglectful or not, everything is looking gorgeous in your garden.

Gail said...

Beautiful white flowers! Bursting forth!

Joanne said...

What beautiful flowers! They look like snowballs of petals, are they a hydrangea?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Joanne .. yup ! that is Little Lamb hydrangea .. my very first hydrangea in fact .. got me a bit hooked on them now ? haha

Hi Gail .. doesn't white seem to jump out at you in a garden ?

Rose ! Thank you so much ! .. that is what my garden is made up of .. specimens .. I have a plant zoo .. other than a garden ? LOL

Cindee .. there isn't a gardener alive that hasn't done that .. I too have tried to get a plant to like the same place I like .. and it stuck its tongue at at me and didn't do well .. they are picky at times ! : )

Anonymous said...

Love it! Wish I could find the room for more hydrangea.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I think it is very cute. I didn't know the flowers dried well. That is one of the reasons I like Annabelle so well.

Anna said...

Is it a fast grower cause you know PW sent me a sample in a 5" pot and I'm wondering how long it will take to get that size. It is beautiful. OH!!!! I went today and bought some orange spice oil for my potpourri. It smells like fall in my house.

I'm going to the beach till Sunday so don't go bonkers without me.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Anna .. beach ? jeez ! haha .. have fun there for me too .. build a sand castle and take pictures !
Little Lamb .. I bought mine in the regular size Proven Winners pot .. a gallon ? so I don't know how fast yours will grow to this size .. this is 2 years old here. I think it has a fast grow rate and certainly in your zone it should flourish !
My favorite store Home Sense has LOADS of Autumn decorations .. it is BEAUTIFUL !!! I need to get some cinnamon scented oils .. ahhh ! I love this coming up on the horizon : )

Marnie this was my first time drying hydrangea flowers and they came out gorgeous .. so YES ! it is a keeper for that as well : )

Rose .. I know you must still be on a high from finding that other huge Pinky Winky .. it must be gorgeous from what you said .. wish you would send me a picture ? LOL

Northern Shade said...

You have some nice shots of their generous white blooms. Our gardens seem to be somewhat in synch; I just posted about little lamb hydrangea too.
I smiled as I read your thoughts on plant placement. I sometimes push them into less than ideal spots. I stress tested my annabelle hydrangea in a heavy shade spot, and now the poor thing has only 4 blooms.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello There Northern Shade !
I think we all push the envelope when it comes to sticking poor plants in a less than an ideal spot right ? LOL .. now if they only had wheels when we have to uproot them and find another home eh ? : )
I have to get over to your site and see another little lamb now !!!