Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A Little "Wine Cup" ?

I have lost track of some of my day lilies .. this year has been so upside down with events it is lucky that I can focus or remember plants at all ! I think this is " Little Wine Cup" but I am not sure .. I love the way it plays off the blue gray hues in the background with the Blue Star juniper and that gorgeous soft gray blue artemisia
My Black Lace Sambucus isn't as black as I hoped it would be .. but perhaps a bit of pampering for next year with extra water ? it might grow up to be a little more spectacular ? My poor Harvest Moon Echinacea seems to be a little off as well .. I'm thinking maybe it was bad watering on my part .. or lack of watering on my part .. thinking the rainfall we had was enough ? Note to self .. MORE water !! In any case .. just a few snaps from the garden while I was dragging around the hose with water wand .. pretending to be a fairy sprinkling love and water on my plants ? Good Grief .. me a fairy ? .. more like madwoman gardener cursing the hose and trying to remember what is what ? and why did I do THAT ? in some rather scary areas of my jungle !


Sheila said...

Although they may not be exactly as you envisioned, they are beautiful never-the-less!

kd said...

That lily is a particularly pretty shade of pink.


Nancy J. Bond said...

All your posies are beautiful, but you're right, the Wine Cup looks amazing with the blue. :)

The Hunky Gardener said...

Can you share a picture of your Black Lace Sambucus? I would love to see it. Your jungle looks pretty swell to me!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Hunky .. there is a bit of the Sambucus by the Pixie Meadowbrite cone flower .. it is more "brown" than black by far .. but I'll take a more detailed picture just for you ! wink wink haha

Nancy .. thanks ! .. the gray blue of that artimisia is amazing to me , so it stands out in my mind's eye when I take pictures in that spot.

Hi kd .. this summer a lot of my liliies did not flower well at all .. I'm not sure what the problem is .. but this little guy did its best : )

Sheila .. do you find as gardeners we have a picture in our head .. but when it comes to the real deal .. it isn't quite there yet ? haha

Gail said...


I have seen beautiful photos of Coneflower at many blogs and when compared to what mine look like I think I must be doing something really wrong! The Wine cUp looks lovely, it's hard to beat a good looking daylily!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail .. I'm wondering if your coneflowers may need a boost from some fertilzer perhaps .. or lots of compost to revitalize them ? .. it is hard to nail a problem with some plants .. so many factors might be in the mix . I had so many yellow day lilies it made me dizzy .. now most of them are on the side of the house "greening" that up ! haha