Monday, 4 August 2008

Yes ! .. we have grapes & kiwi

I am in awe of how many bursting bunches of grapes we have this year and I still haven't gotten round to cutting some for us to eat. The kiwi finally made it as well. They aren't the store bought fuzzy hairy ? kiwi .. these are smaller and you are supposed to be able to eat them skin and all. So I really have to try some out and see what they are like .. it is amazing to have your own fruit in such a small garden, I'm very impressed with mother nature ! : )


Anna said...

How did you get that lantern to grow;) It all sounds yummy and I agree...amazing that we can just go out and pick so many tasty treats.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Anna .. the kiwi took over the lantern and it is like the Twilight ? Zone trying to unwind the darn thing .. so I said "enjoy"! haha
It constantly amazes me what happens with plants .. my jaw drops daily over little things in the garden .. big things just blow me away ? LOL