Sunday, 14 September 2008

Assorted Garden Views

I took this shot of the back walkway a few days ago. The garden is groaning with plants reaching their limits in growth for the season. So many very ripe grapes I hope the birds have designated fliers to take them home !

This little variegated sedum is really quite pretty. It seems to have a buddy in the seedling of Golden Jubilee Hyssop I have relocated and babied along hoping it will be as gorgeous as its parent plant.

It is hard to see this beautiful Purple Flame grass .. squeezed in the back corner .. ear marked to be freed next Spring in a better location. I'm waiting to see those awesome reds it takes on once it is hit by some good cold weather .. it makes the Goatsbeard very jealous !
I think this may be Autumn Fire sedum .. instead of Autumn Joy .. now is the time of year I really wish I was more organized and kept a better chart of what I planted where when it comes to the smaller ones especially.

This is the only snail I have a soft spot for in the garden. The real ones freak me out ! I just adore how it looks with this little pot of Thyme. A perfect match : )

I am impressed with how "Shockwave" petunia performed this year. First time I have tried it and I really like it .. hope to find it next year again.


Brenda said...

My petunias bit the dust in the Texas heat months ago. This is the kind of post I look forward to: views of others' gardens.

Patsi said...

May I ask... what "zone" are your in?


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Patsi .. just left a note on your blog .. zone 5b .. so we do get typical Canadian winters here. Being on the lake we also have some weird weather .. silver thaw etc .. ice storms .. the lot.

Hi Brenda .. I don't think I could survive your weather there .. as it is I try to be in AC as much as possible .. hum ... or is that menopause ? LOL

Anonymous said...

Your garden is still looking quite lovely Joy. Petunias really have a hard time with our hot summers. (zone 7b) That is a pretty variety.

garden girl said...

Hi Joy, your garden views are gorgeous!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Garden Girl .. Thanks ! .. I have to swing by your blog and see how you are doing over there !

Hi Perennialgardener .. I think I took petunias for granted .. that they would do great anywhere .. so now I know they aren't super ? plants ! ; )

Gail said...

Joy, Everything looks happy, healthy and delightful in your garden. It must be a joy (!) to walk your paths and see what you have created. I've said this before, but I think your garden is the perfect size. Btw, these photos are great.


Gail said...

I forgot to mention...that I love the Halloween countdown! gail

Rose said...

Your garden is amazing, Joy. It may be a "plant zoo," but I think you've tamed the inhabitants pretty well:) I haven't tried the shockwave petunia before; if it's the same one I've seen in some plantings around town it is definitely a winner. I'll have to look for it next year.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Rose .. thank you ! Shockwave was a first time for me this year .. and it really is a super little petunia .. I would recommend it for sure, it has its own colour variations so it is pretty to watch : )

Hi Gail .. Thank you ! .. I'm listening to geese as they are flying over head .. I just baked brownies too .. I'm in a nesting mood and it feels weird for just mid September. YUP ! I had to find a good Halloween countdown widget .. the banner is at the bottom so people miss that one .. i might go a bit overboard here since Halloween is my favorite : )

our friend Ben said...

Looking good, Joy! It's so delightful to think that you make the most of every moment in the garden, since I feel certain your season is shorter than ours. Your beds look fabulous from the moment you show them in spring until the last gasp.

Anonymous said...

Terrific Sunday garden tour. Everything looks so fresh and thriving!

We (in MA) had over a month with showers and/or T-storms every single afternoon. Mildew, rust, leaf spot and other fungal organisms have had their way with our gardens, leaving some unsightly foliage. But, with the cooler weather, things have perked up despite the weird season.

I'm really enjoying your photography... Deb

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Deb ... Thank you very much !
I know the weather has been weird here too .. but we have been luckynot to get too much rust ..the worst infestation of aphids I have ever seen happened though .. on my false sunflowers plus my neighbors .. it was like a scifi movie ... BIG yuck ! .. got rid of the plant .. I just couldn't look at it the same way anymore ? LOL

"ben" you are too sweet ! thank you ! .. it has been an easier season with the rain we got in June .. and yes .. I think our season is a wee bit shorter than yors .. but it makes us appreciate it a lot (doesn't help with cabin fever in the winter though ! haha). I am ready to wrap the garden up now : )