Thursday, 11 September 2008

Do you know what this plant is ? Help !

I was sure I knew what this little plant was .. now after driving myself crazy .. yes, I know not far to go , is that another menopausal symptom !
I thought one of the common names was "Lead Plant" but no .. when I looked at the pictures I was way off the mark .. it is a smallish ground hugging little gem with almost true blue flowers .. this one is closed because of the rain .. but they are sweet little ones. If anyone recognizes this little chap can you drop me a line and let me know please .. just to save some sanity or insanity ? : )
P.S. I did find out why I thought 'lead" was part of the common name .. one of the common names is 'leadwort" .. how funny is that ?


Anonymous said...

It's a Plumbago! I bought two earlier this summer. I am thinking it's ceratostigma. I know it's a perennial. I noticed that the leaves get reddish brown when the weather gets colder. This flower is one of my favorites. Hope this helps.

I enjoy your web site, and your cats are very cute.

debbi/kurtsmom said...

Hi joy, looks like hardy blumbago
(Ceratostisma plumbaginoides). I've got one and just love it.

walk2write said...

I think it is called Plumbago. My mom in Missouri has a cultivar similar to yours. I have one that is more like a shrub.

GardenJoy4Me said...

W2W ... That is it ! .. I knew if I saw the name come up it which smack my brain into recognizing it ! .. It is small yet .. I just planted it last year .. I should have the tag still ... duh !
Thanks !!

Hi Debbie girl ... yup ! that is it .. and I'll look the whole blotanic name up to confirm it is this individual one .. thanks girl !

Thank you anonymous ! .. yes, the leaves do change to a rusty colour as the weather cools off more .. it is a cute little plant : )
Thanks for the help and for stopping by !

PS said...

No Clue what kind of plant that is.

Not sure if I asked already but since your on my read list...
Do you think we can exchange links?


Anonymous said...

Hi Joy - sure looks like plumbago, but the leaves on mine are different than yours. Lovely colour at this time of the year.

Rose said...

I didn't have any idea, but I see you have some knowledgable commenters here.
I'm just enjoying catching up on your photos from the last few posts. I agree that everything looks good with sedum:) And I've always wanted a "My Monet" weigela--$2?? Where do you shop??

GardenJoy4Me said...

Rose .. I'm laughing here .. the bargain was just at the end of the season when one of our chain stores (Loblaws) had to sell what they had left .. so yes ! $2 was as good as for free with me and I grabbed some wonderful clematis too .. I doubt I will ever see a sale like that again !
Hey .. thanks for catching up with my blog girl .. I have lots of reading and looking to do myself : )

Patsi .. I put you on my link list too now .. sorry ! I thought I had already .. a mind is a terrible thing to lose ? LOL

Rose ..funny how we have the same plants but look different .. like that blue lobelia thing .. you said mine didn't look like yours .. odd isn't it ?

Anonymous said...

Joy - the leaves on my plumbago are more rounded whereas your leaves appear to be a bit pointed from what I can tell. Guess we must have different ones.

Gail said...

I just brought one home from the nursery! it is lovely and the blue called to me!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the others, it looks like Plumbago to me too. :) Pretty bloom.

GardenJoy4Me said...

perennialgardener .. it is an amazing blue isn't it ?.. as close to true blue as possible I think !

anonymous .. I have to search that on the web and see how many different cultivars there are for this little guy : )

Gail ... some plants just do that to us .. resistance is futile ! LOL