Sunday, 12 October 2008

Autumn Marshland With Quackers ?

The colours hit you way before you even get close to take shots of the marshland areas. I think it might be that stark contrast of beige blond reeds against the striking oranges and reds of the trees. Pair that up with beautiful blue skies and it is amazing.

Look at the bottom left hand corner of this next picture. I was trying to hurry and get these ducks in the shot and I thought I completely missed them because .. for the life of me I have never seen ducks move that FAST in the water. Every step I took to get closer they paddled like mad to swim in the opposite direction from me .. when I saw this photo I couldn't believe I did actually get them in the picture !

I love seeing the lily pads and the reflections in the water .. there are so many gorgeous little places like this to take pictures around the outer limits of the city .. I find it comforting in some strange way.


Mother Nature's Garden said...

I love the sound of the reeds and grasses rustling in the autumn winds.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Donna ... you described it perfectly .. there is nothing like the special rustling on a moonlit night .. it gives you chills it is so atmospheric ? I love it !!

Water Roots said...

Those photos are food for the soul. Outdoor spaces like that remind me how peaceful and incredible nature is. The longer I live in urban areas, constantly surrounded by steel and concrete, the more I yearn for those spaces. It’s not really surprising; nature helps soften some of the harsh, inanimate elements in our everyday routines. And those beautiful, open areas are not yet touched (or destroyed) by us humans, making them that much more attractive. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

Dave said...

That is a beautiful fall setting!

Anonymous said...

The color! Wow. It's been a banner year for autumn glory, hasn't it? The little ducks are darling, if a little skittish, and the scenery is breathtaking. The moon is hazed over by light cloud cover this evening here in NS.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Nancy .. thanks ! .. we have had amazing nights with full BRIGHT moons .. if only I had the right lenses to capture it with .. a little haze around the moon is lovely too ! Your moon shot and post was a stunner girl !

Hi dave .. thanks ! .. I have to say I do have a thing for marsh settings .. they can produce some awesome scenery : )

WR ... I worry about the surrounding areas of Kingston .. but so much is protected hopefully against builders .. there is a lot of Marshland and that is set aside thankfully .. plus so many small lakes .. rivers ..I have to say it is a beautiful place to be if I can't be near the sea ? LOL