Monday, 13 October 2008

Oh my ..................................... I got tagged

Andrea .. from "The Greenhouse Worker" (for which I can not technically get on my blog list and it is driving me nuts) ... wished to drive me even further to the edge of nutdome with a tag .. it is for a good cause .. breast cancer awareness .. although I believe every woman must be so aware of this health issue as it is.
So in the name of a good cause .. I have to name some favorite things ?

# 1 Clothes Shop .... Reitman's ... and I love their TV commercials too : )

# 2 Furniture Shop .... The Brick .. we just got a load of bedroom furniture and new linen ... BIG sigh .. the is nothing like a down filled duvet to cuddle up with .. along with the two cats naturally ?

# 3 Sweets .... I think everyone knows I am a fudge-aholic, please don't make me say it AGAIN ??????????????

# 4 City .... Brugge, Belgium ( the spelling is Dutch, in respect for the fact that we lived there for four years, but Amsterdam is too huge and crowded for me) ... we went to Brugge especially for the chocolates .. but this little city is the most charming place on it's own, perhaps even without chocolates ?

#5 Drink .... Strawberry Margaritas ... sinfully wonderful... a rare, but much appreciated treat !

#6 Music .. Classical .. New Age .. Rock .. not "country" in any form .. sorry folks ?

# 7 TV Series .. Fringe .. True Blood .. good SciFi as opposed to bad SciFi ?
I have to say Dr. Who and Torchwood too .. I miss the XFiles ... big sigh !

#8 Movies .. SciFi again ... good special affects, as opposed to bad ones ? haha
Old classic black and white ones too .. Frankenstein , Dracula, The Mummy .. and so on !

#9 Pastries ? ... can I say FUDGE again ??????????????????????????

# 10 Coffee .. If not "Tim's" it has to be "President's Choice The Great Canadian Coffee" only at Loblaws and No Frills stores : )
With a nod in the direction of Dutch coffee ... it is good and strong too !

You can all breath a collective sigh of relief .. I'm not going to tag anyone ! Yipppeeeee ! LOL


Gail said...

What fun Joy! Gail

Anna said...

It is fun to learn new stuff about you. I like Fudge too--any kind and any flavor.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail .. it is kind of fun : )

Anna .. I just found out there is a cranberry fudge .. now where to find it is the other great question ?

tina said...

Pretty neat idea. My husband just got a Canadian nickel and was not happy, but our son is ecstatic! The small things I tell you.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Tina ... I just read part three of the island and wow ! ... it looks lovely .. I would want to see that driftwood place at low tide , it would be fantastic to explore : )