Sunday, 5 October 2008

Random Picture Day

I am so fascinated with the chance to grow a bamboo (that behaves) in my garden. This one is at the side of the house, where it would provide some great screening and be a wow ? factor plant, if it grows to what it is supposed to be. The other one is in the back garden by the back fence .. hopefully it will do its thing well, there too ... So watch this space for the adventures of Green Panda !

No .. I did not put that leaf there ! It is from the Burning Bush just in the back of these plants. The pale silvery colours of the Japanese ferns .. the Heuchera and a fern leaf bleeding heart all seemed to cradle this little, and VERY colourful leaf.

Pamina anemone is still blooming its little heart out. The sedum is keeping up with her nicely too !

This amazing foxglove has me in awe. After all my complaining of the years I could not even get a flower stalk to pretend to appear .. now this one is also blooming its little heart out for me : )

I have mainly yellow day lily at the side of the house .. some are Stella .. so are Happy Returns and some are ??? to me .. darn !!

Yes .. I have to keep adding pictures of Pinky .. I haven't cut the flower heads yet to dry and keep them .. but I am working on that ! .. isn't it gorgeous ? Pinky Rules !!!
Another shot from Friday and our drive in the country .. it was an awesome day !

I'm so glad we can pop out to the country without a really long drive .. we are lucky and I truly appreciate that. I'm afraid our little city isn't going to stay little very long now.


Anonymous said...

That foxglove is amazing. It reminds me of a candy that's made here in the Maritimes -- "chicken bones", a pink, cinnamon flavored outer covering with a soft chocolate middle. They are to die for...and so is that foxglove.

(Chicken Bones:

Northern Shade said...

The painted fern, Heuchera and little orange red leaf is a nice shot. The anemone is very attractive, and looks great with the sedum.
Pinky is looking good. I went back to get a matching second one for the other end of my front bed, but they were all out. Shrubs don't last long at a good nursery when they are 60% off.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos Joy. I love Pinky as you know and I hope that your bamboo provides the kind of screening effect you are hoping for in the garden.

Rose said...

The anemones are lovely, Joy. But I love that Pinky Winky! My friend Beckie and I were scouring the local garden center for bargains last week and had to ask a salesperson if they had any "pinky winkies." Thank goodness he knew what we were talking about:) Unfortunately, they were all sold out. Next year I'm going to look for one early in the season!

Kathleen said...

Another person who has had no luck with foxgloves. I hope just by visiting your site, something will rub off on me! Congrats for getting the blooms. That pinky winky hydrangea is gorgeous. I've been reading about it on other blogs and now I see what all the fuss is about! :-) I love the deep pink of your double anemones. I have some light pink ones but yours are so striking.

Megan said...

I feel like my garden really came together after I planted bamboo. It's such a good year round contributor. I'm excited to see your pictures as this one grows.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Megan .. I was so surprised to see it at one of our garden centers ! and on sale .. I researched to make sure it had a chance of getting through our winters here .. and I was just too happy to buy two of them for two specific jobs ! I'm a happy gardener : )

Hi Kathleen .. I only have three different hydrangea .. Little Lamb has the paler pink .. Pinky is this fantasic deep pink .. Cityline Venice was a late pick up so I'm hoping to see how it performs next year .. but I would get another Pinky for sure !!
The foxglove thing .. this is an Excelsior cultivar. I tried it before but I think it just didn't take on the other side of the garden .. why I don't know .. almost same conditions, but this has a wee bit more sun .. so go figure ? LOL

Rose ! .. that is exactly what I am going to do too ! It is on my "hot button" for garden plants 2009 again .. everyone can use at least two pinkys ! haha

PG .. to be honest .. a 12 foot fence would be better but I'm thinking this just might fill the bill too ? LOL

Northern Shade .. all of us that have at least one Pinky .. WANT another one TOO .. now how funny is that ? .. that leaf was so colourful against the cool silvery greens .. it was perfect : )

Nancy .. Thank You ! I'm laughing here .. yup ! our family knows about that candy .. and the great "Ribbon" candy we used to get at Xmas .. and there is also a choclate molasses one .. something like Slow Pokes ? .. and the hard candy that was very colourful with Xmas figures on sticks .. Barley Candy !!! .. see ? I know my NS candy : )

cindee said...

So many pretty colors(-: Everytime I see a little gargoyle at the store I think of you and your blog(-: They are everywhere right now for Halloween(-: I hope you have a great day today(-:

Gail said...


While they may be random shots they all share several things in common...They are beautiful and they are good photos! Regarding Pinky! I have bad news...I can't find Pinky anywhere in town! Looks like I will have to order on line or wait until spring. I have never been good at waiting;-) Gail

joey said...

All looks lovely ... you have many of my favorites, especially Japanese painted ferns!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Joey .. You can't go wrong with those ferns .. I have collected quite a few of them and they are fabulous !

Hi Gail .. oh no !!!! well we all have tokeep you encouraged about Pinky .. I am set to buy another one in the Spring too .. I have a large empty space that will bug me until next year now .. hang in there girl !

Cindee .. it is Halloween month and I absolutely love it .. big kid that I am .. love looking in the stores .. I have yet to officially decorate since I like to get Thanksgiving out of the way first .. but the mood is building girl ! LOL

Viooltje said...

Good Lord, I think if God would deprive you of water and sunshine, you'd still have the most colorful garden I know. Even the tiniest details like that beautiful burning leaf make all the difference, don't they? I hope, actually I know that all this garden magic brings you as much joy as your inspiring posts bring to us, the Collective LOL. Seen you've mentioned the expansion, I have to inform you that resistance is futile and you should enjoy and breathe in all that beautiful countryside and fall's brilliant show of colors that surround you. While you can!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Violet .. thank you ! .. I know there is no stopping expansion .. even for the time we have been here the change is remarkable. Kingston is getting bigger and bigger so I will enjoy those trips into the countryside as much as possible and burn them in my memory ! : )