Thursday, 16 October 2008

Stunning Sumac

This year ... this Autumn, has been one fantastic show of colour all around our area.
Every so many years, when the conditions have been right .. it is spectacular, and I am so grateful to be able to see and enjoy every bit of colour I do see !
Nothing pleases me more than to have plants/trees in my garden that put on this amazing show too. The one significant display is my beloved Sumac tree .. I have loved Sumacs since when ever I saw them turn these fabulous colours in the Fall.
When we lived in Holland I was so surprised to see them there as well. Most were trained to look almost "ancient" in their form .. they looked so beautiful it impressed me to this day.
I will never forget Holland for all of its gorgeous plants and gardens.
When we came home and bought our first house .. my garden was building in my imagination like wildfire. The one absolute MUST was a Sumac .. and now it has matured long enough and has been trained in the manner I kept seeing in my mind's eye .. I find it to be a stunner .. blushing madly here .. we aren't supposed to 'brag"? about our gardens, but this one tree .. I can't help myself : )

I could sit here all day watching my favorite tree .... until all the leaves have dropped and gone to bed.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely fall display that Sumac puts on in your garden Joy. The variety of colors that are mingling together is pleasing to the eye. :)

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

You're right. It's beautiful. And why not brag about our gardens? We all bragged about our children, didn't we? And now our pets and gardens are our children. By the way, where all have you lived, out of curiosity?

Deb said...

I am a fan of Sumacs too - beautiful photos!

Gail said...

Joy, That is a beautiful tree! I love them, too! They are native trees that look exotic! Brag away, you've pruned him up beautifully!


Rose said...

You can brag all you want; this tree is something to be proud of! And keep showing us pictures as it changes even more! I've seen several sumacs in different settings lately, and they are certainly gorgeous trees with the most vivid colors. Now, will they still have their leaves for Halloween?:)

Kerri said...

Joy, you'd love our countryside..we have lots of Sumac growing wild! Yes, the color is turns a glorious reddish shade, and those seed heads are pretty, aren't they?
I can understand your enthusiasm :)
Enjoy those brilliant fall hues!

Defining Your Home said...

You have every right to brag! That's a gorgeous tree. The colors are stunning for sure. Cameron

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cameron .. I so look forward to these colours of Autumn .. not every one is as spectacular as this year .. so I'm enjoying it tremendously : )

Hi Kerri .. from seeing that long shot of yours with the wooded area .. it looks a lot like ours so I know it is gorgeous .. and full of Sumac !!

Rose .. I'm thinking the "skeleton" will be left for Halloween .. but not too many leaves ? LOL .. it is a looker though isn't it ?

Hi Gail .. I enjoy them all over Kingston .. they are smaller and in colonies and so beautiful too : )

Hi Deb ... thank you ! glad you enjoy them too : )

Hi Brenda .. thanks ! yes, I guess this is our next stage of bragging ? LOL
I have lived in Saskatchewan, Ontario(different areas) , British Columbia (Vancouver Island .. gorgeous!)Holland, in South Limburg in the most southern part surrounded by German and Belgium, so those countries were within walking distance : ) We travelled around Europe as much as we could .. and hubby has been to many more places because of his job .. we have been lucky to see other countries : )

Hello PG .. It really is an all purpose tree for me .. I'm hoping to keep it in this shape which means almost a pollard pruning (scared hubby, but he got over it ?LOL).. something to look forward to for Autumn is wonderful : )

Viooltje said...

So glad to her your masterpiece Sumac is making you so happy. That's the biggest treat a gardener can get. I would love to have one... I had plenty in the neglected veg garden when I inherited it from my nan, still can't believe my dad chopped down all of them and used them as training sticks for runner beans. Years later he spotted a line of gorgeous Sumac trees along the road, done the way yours is, and said: 'Look at those gorgeous burning domes! What a stunning tree.' Says who? Ted Bundy of Sumacs LOL

GardenJoy4Me said...

My god I laughed when I read this Violet ! You have such a funny sense of humor .. kind of quirky like me .. and your dad did that and said THAT !!! .. That is a perfect example of his short sightedness ? to hold over his head, when it comes to the garden ? LOL

cindee said...

I love the colors of the sumac. I have one too and it is always so pretty. I can't wait for my Pin Oak to change its another really pretty one!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cindee .. oaks are beautiful trees too ! we don't have enough in this neighborhood .. if I had the room, I would have one for sure !