Tuesday, 4 November 2008

From Blonde, to WHITE to EEEKKKKKK !

I would say this is a game show called "match the seed head to the grass type" .. while trying to edit this post, I demolished a picture that belongs further down the post .. with my little talk on "purple flame grass .. miscanthus or "Miss Canthus" she likes to be called at times. So when yo are reading about said 'soft fluffy seed heads" scroll up to this picture again and say "aaaahhhh !" it does look soft and fluffy !
Thank you for your time and effort ; )

I know .. you clicked on here because you thought it was about 'me" ... gotcha' ? is that with one 't' or two ? .. In any case .. stop grumbling now .. grasses .. ornamental grasses that is.. did something unusual this year .. they went from blond straight to WHITE with no yellow caution colour in between !.. what happened ?

Karl F. in this picture is almost normal for this time of year, but still on the pale side before its time. Maybe it just skipped Autumn and went to winter mode for some reason ?

My 'purple flame grass' looks like it had a few dozen peroxide bottles thrown at it .. why didn't I get the beautiful colours from it like last year ? the seed heads are still amazing with the look of such softness .. you just want to feel them they look so nice and soothing to touch. This is the part where you have to scroll up to the first picture I managed to kick off the planet some how ... jeez !

This is the 'EEEKKKK' !! bit. My Hamlin grass looks like it had a nasty perm solution dumped on it .. wiry and razor sharp curly .. something you would clean pots and pans with. Why haven't I notice this last year I wonder ... or is this year a STRANGE year on the whole ?

What ever the case may be for how my grasses react each year to different seasons .. I would not be without them .. they truly are a vital link in the chain of plants that I enjoy in my garden .. and they can only get better .... right ???

'Say YES To the Grasses" !!

PS .. if you don't watch a show called "Say YES to the Dress" that last statement will sound very lame ... sorry : )


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

What a trick. I thought you were talking about your hair.

Anonymous said...

Hee! I thought your title was about a bad dye job. :) I love grasses in the garden, and they're so lovely this time of year when most of the color has gone. I suppose the amount of water they get, the summer's heat, fall's cold, etc. all affect the way they end up?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the grass tour. No matter how they respond to an individual autumn, nothing adds substance to the fall garden like grasses! Mine are still living next door (at least I think they are, behind the big privacy fences the new owners erected), where I used to live. No room in this tiny yard for new specimens, so I'll live vicariously through your grasses.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I have 3 clumps of miscanthus on each corner of our house. They were here when we moved. I like the texture, but they are totally out of place. I think I am going to dig them up and move them all over down the side of the house, where they'll have all the room they need. I just never know when to trim them back, so they are huge now!

tina said...

Yup, sure thought it was about hair. This title could explain mine perfectly.

Gail said...

I was sure it was about a different plant! Grasses are a great surprise. I have a sedge Toffee Twist that is naturally brownish! Hard to tell if it is thriving or not! Have a lovely day, Joy. Later, Gail

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail .. I also have a brown sedge that is hard to tell if it is thriving or not .. but I love the contrast of colour it brings to the garden .. I love all my grasses really .. and I wish I had more room to have MORE of them ! : )

Tina .. hey girl, are you have an eeekkkk ! day with your hair ? .. I have them all the time and just thought it was funny to bring it to the grasses right now : )

Nola .. I have to move this rather big one as well (looks like we are going to be working hard with them ?) I'll be doing mine in the Spring .. that is when I cut them down and split them if need be .. they can be a hand full when more mature .. but they are gorgeous aren't they ?

Deb .. you must be curious to know if they are still there .. and if they are doing well .. you can join in on my grasses any time .. how about coming up in the Spring and helping me MOVE this baby ??LOL

Nancy .. funny you should say that .. this grass had harder elements to deal with last year than this year .. so I am thinking it likes bad treatment to look good ? haha

Debbie .. girl that would be a bit too personal for me .. I always have tantrums about my hair so it wouldn't be new news ? LOL

Northern Shade said...

Your grass seedheads all add lovely texture, and I imagine movement, to the garden. Each one is different too, giving a unique look. I like them all, from the wiry little Hamlin grass, to the tall purple flame grass.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Northern Shade .. Isn't it amazing that not so long ago we didn't really have a lot of grasses in our gardens .. then it just hit us with a bang about how really lovely ornamental grasses are and how hardy and drought tolerant and easy to care for .. with some added drama to the garden too ! .. I am a FAN : )