Friday, 21 November 2008

A little Pink & Glow

The sky was not one of the most dramatic ones I have seen this morning .. but it was still .. and pretty and a little cold on the feet when I want to take pictures and forget footwear ?
I have chased cats in the snow barefoot so " I am CANADIAN EH !" .. sorry I can't help myself some times ; )
This little dot is an amazing morning moon .. not one with details but one with the most perfect glow it looked magical .. it doesn't show up in the pictures as pretty as it was to the eye .. but it was more than worth the effort to try and capture it.

The "pink" was sneaking in slowly .. little by little and it made me smile.
I only hope my neighbors aren't thinking I'm some kind of nutcase aiming my camera in their general direction a lot of mornings .. so far I haven't had an official visitor at the door .. or the white jacket with the wrap around arms crew either ? phew !

These clouds were so soft they looked airbrushed to me .. I wonder if we aren't living in some huge "snow-globe" with some one detailing our skies for us .. well .. for them ?


Anonymous said...

OOOH! Love that moon, as well as your air-brushed morning sky.

If fellow suburbanites complain, you have photographic proof that you're stalking the sky, not the neighbors. ~ Deb

GardenJoy4Me said...

Deb .. we have some strange neighbors (they might even like being stalked ?.. haha) .. I'm not too worried unless the police show up on the doorstep and I show them in .. in my penguin pajamas and open my lap top for them .. sounds funny ? LOL
That morning sky was so gorgeous .. and the moon glowing like that was spectacular !