Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Shrouded Midday Sun

What a bad weather day. This is our midday sun, shrouded by thick clouds dumping a mixture of rain and snow. It almost looks like a black and white photo because there is no colour that you can see.
The plant is not in focus .. but my neighbor's metal roof is and as much as it can be, the sun .. with little "flumps" of snow dropping .. not quite lumps and not quite fluffy. So flumps seems to suit them better some how.
The taller of my windowsill plants almost reminds me of a palm tree .. that tiny pin prick of a dot for a sun .. like those home made cameras from cardboard boxes for science projects ?

Then just this almost lonely looking image of the tiny sun .. the two plants and the harsh metal roof contrasting with them all. Again .. so much like a black and white shot.


Gail said...


It looks cold and wet and uncomfortable...time to put on the soup, turn up the music and dance to keep warm!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the "black and white" show. Surprising what unique effects with which nature sometimes presents us. A little bleak, but oh, that hopeful, watery sun! /Deb

WiseAcre said...

The sun was like that here yesterday. That's what got me out to take some photos but I couldn't find the right shot before it faded behind denser overcast. But I did get that apple photo.

Glad to see you managed to get some nice shots. I liked the 3rd one best - it had a nice framed look. Too bad you have neighbors. Without the roof you would have had a great foggy desert look.

Anonymous said...

I know those kinds of days. :) When it can't quite decide if it's going to snow, or the sun will fully come out. Another November idiosyncrasy!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Nancy .. You pegged it girl ! .. the sun disappeared and it became flumpier .. I can't decide to name November "Flumpy" month because it can last a LONG time : )

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. that is what I say almost every day sir .. "Too BAD I Have Neighbors !!!" LOL
I loved your shots they were stunning really .. I'd love to walk around most of the areas you take your pictures from .. it looks perfect .. like that apple hanging there : )

Deb .. it was a strange format ? to work with .. nature's way of giving me a black and white situation .. snow this morning .. benchwarmers are complaining ! haha

Gail .. that is the perfect scenario girl ! .. something warm inside to make my outside dance and be happy ? LOL