Wednesday, 19 November 2008

This and that type of day ......

Today was a "this and that" day .. a few more things to pick up at the store .. some browsing .. some naughty treats that might have chocolate in the list of ingrediants .. you know that "type" of day.
I couldn't really think of taking pictures but it is hard to climb off the bandwagon when you have been on it for months with the garden. I think I am going through the dreaded "garden withdrawal" I thought I might not get it until January ? Is that realistic ??
In any case we actually WANT moss to grow between the patio bricks .. I want to lift some and plant "steppables" like some tough sedum and things like Woolly Thyme .. to break up the hardscape of the brick ... can you tell I am running out of space and a bit of panic is happening in my garden brain ?
I just love my Karly Rose fountain grass .. she is such a trooper .. the way the dusting of snow is on the table .. the metal lantern .. and the solar light .. it all looked pretty to me.
This is the remarkable passionflower vine I bought for hubby this past year .. he so desperately wants to have it survive the winter here .. I don't think it will but by god look how green that sucker is still ! ... could a miracle happen here folks ? .. is the lottery NEXT on the "TO DO" list of impossibilities ???
Last but pretty well wonderful to me, is my ancient Christmas cactus .. I have had it for years .. I have treated it shamefully .. and yet it has given me such wonderful gifts with each bud .. I have heard some people think these little sweethearts are passe` .. but I love them and can't imagine not having at least one .. to ignore it, then be suddenly and wonderfully surprised that it doesn't hate me, and will flower no matter my terrible attitude at times
How can you not love a plant like that ?
So "this" was "that" type of day today .. I'm wearing my red pajamas with penguins on them .. they are my comfort blanket !


Brenda@View From The Pines said...

In my opinion a plant of any variety cannot, by law of nature, become passe'. It is beautiful. Chocolate is my lifeline to sanity. To never getting a waistline below probably the number 40 inches, (which is probably what I am in the other two areas too, sadly) though I fear measuring it would give me a stroke for sure. And I don't mean the good-for-you bitter dark chocolate that would make me feels somewhat better. No, I mean the decadent milk chocolate my body craves like heroin.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your "this and that" posting... moss and pavers was my favorite. And you're right about the persistence of old favorites, like your Christmas cactus. /Deb

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Take the poor baby inside, the passion flower vine, that is. It will survive in a cool bright location, give it a chance. Save it's life.

Poor thing............


Roses and stuff said...

I get the same feeling sometimes...'help, I'm running out of space!' But that's what gardening is all about, isn't it - the urge to plant new things.

I'm starting up a new meme for Fridays - Blooming Friday - it would be great if you would like to participate with one or two pictures of blooming plants. I thought it would be nice to share eye-candy for the week-end... Welcome!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Katarina .. Isn't it amazing how strong that URGE is to plant ? also find new plants ? .. almost as bad as the chocolate thing : )
I'll try to make it for fridays but I have no blooming plants girl ! LOL

Hi Jen .. honestly we would take it in IF we had a garage or a place with those needs for the vine .. but we don't girl ! I'm not cruel ... I would do it in a flash to save it .. but no place to put it !!! Yikes : (

Hi Deb ... it has taken a log time to coax some moss to grow on the patio .. next is planting those steppables which I think will be really nice .. and YES .. my Christmas cactus really cheered me up when it surprised me with blooms !

Brenda ..we are very alike ! .. no plant can be dismissed like that right ? . and yes .. I love the "bad" milk chocolate .. right now the Belgium sea shells are driving me nuts ! Hubby takes some with him to Cuba, as thank you presesnts to the staff and I have been eating some of them .. YIKES !

Megan said...

Garden withdrawal is a good way to put it. I do my best to hold it off, but it eventually hits every year. The worst for me is when I think I've been patient enough and made it until April, and the new leaves STILL haven't emerged. Hoping I have planted enough winter interest to get me through, but we'll see how the winter goes.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Megan .. I really really try to hold off thinking about scaning the web for new plants .. I try until January .. but I have been doing it already .. and thinking about how I want to change the borders of the garden .. I have so many ideas flooding my mind I have to get the whip out .. Garden Withdrawal is HARD ! LOL

cindee said...

I hope your passion flower survives too. Can you put it inside? Or somewhere where the snow will not get on it?
I love the cactus too. I also have one I have had for years. Its fun to see it bloom. I saw one at the store today and almost bought it. It was a pretty yellowish color. It looked so fallish(-: I may break down and get it(-: I am thinking Thanksgiving center piece(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee girl ! go get that cactus ! .. I haven't seen one that colour , and it is perfect for a center piece : )
If we had a garage I might be able to put the passion flower vine there .. but I really don't have any where it can go .. the snow will actually supply moister for it .. but the extreme cold we can get will be the culprit .. it is an experiment really ...