Sunday, 4 January 2009

Time Marches On ......

I know ..... this has absolutely nothing to do with gardening ... and the only reference to time you can grasp, in this gratuitous "cute kitties" photo op, is the actual mantle clock that a certain cat is maneuvering herself around (and that is not easy for a big girl). Emma is trying to tell Sophie that with her "stop sign" paw ... Sophie is not easily convinced obviously .. a girl "thing" In any case .. I have been trying to sort little jobs out on here and in the home .. you know those "I will get back to this later" .. months go by and it is still the same excuse ? BUT .. I am hopeful this year has started out on an organized note .. new file cabinet .. almost organized files .. front closet (black hole in space and time where mitts,scarves and umbrellas either bonk you on the head or are lost forever ?) organized ..

The same I am hoping to achieve with my garden this year .. I had made a pact with a friend that I would not be sucked into "seeds" .. I am hopeless and impatient to a fault with them .. so no more wasted brain cells and energy!! That I will concentrate on what I am good with .. herbs, and giving directions to hubby about what "I" (meaning "we") need to do landscaping wise, with high hopes (beyond what even Walt Disney could achieve for me) .. I will make this garden magical yet again for 2009 ... I have to go lay down now .. all this planning and proclamations have exhausted me to the point the "girls" NEED a nap .... phew !


Thanks For 2 Day said...

you go, girl! now can you please pass some of that organization-energy down here to VA? I have similar things that need some help! But, alas, you need your rest,, nevermind. I will do it myself. Ah, someday. When I get to it. Yeah, right. hee-hee.
Take care Joy!

tina said...

A purrrrrfect photo op!

VP said...

Happy New Year Joy!

What is it about the New Year that gets us tidying up the place? I can actually get in my study at the moment, something I haven't been able to do for months!

We had a whole programme on the new Dr Who last night!!!!!! It's a young, relatively unknown actor! He won't be appearing in the role until 2010!

I'm also mentioning you in my Tuesday post...

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Jan ..It really is mind boggling that I (we) got some of these chores done. Mind you there are hundreds more on the list but maybe a few each month ? haha
Hey I would come down and help you but I think people would stare at me in my RED penguin pajamas !! : )

Yes Tina .. the girls were pretty good with my directions while balancing on the mantle ; ) LOL

Happy New Year again VP !
Getting in the study is the first step girl .. you are doing good !
YES !! My friend near Minsterly told me he is the youngest Dr. Who ever .. I can't wait to see him !
Good grief .. what are you mentioning Tuesday ? you have me SO CURIOUS NOW !!!!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

They are just too cute for words. Did you position them, or did they just decide that this was a good spot to hang out?


Patsi said...

Too funny !
Even my DH laughed at that one.

Darlene said...

Awwww Emma and Sophie and just TOO cute!!! I LOVE seeing pictures of them.

The new year always has me ready to organize and de-clutter. I usually manage to get a few areas done before I decide it all looks great and forget about

cindee said...

I agree. Seeds take to long. Cuttings take to long I wish I had a magic wand and could just cast a spell around the yard...(-: Oh the things I could do...(: A nap sounds splendid!!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Jen .. you do know cats , don't you ? LOL .. that would be the day I positioned them anywhere but by their food dishes girl !
They like hanging out on the fireplace mantle .. it is nice and warm and a good vantage point to watch what is going on .. this scenario just played out on its own and I snapped away : )

Patsi ... I still can't believe you can't find Dead Like Me .. you have to rent it or something .. I won't give up until you see it girl !!

Darlene .. you made me laugh !! .. I am the same way .. I got a few things done and I'm very proud of myself .. but what happens next just might be NOTHING .. although .. we got the utility room tidy and the treadmill ready to goooooo ! .. now I just have to make myself READY to do IT !! LOL

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I personally have had little luck with seeds. Save that of the hyacinth bean vine last year. I love to look at the seed catalogs, but I wasted money last year when I got virtually nothing for my efforts. Must be me. Anyway, your gardens are always stunning. And the kitties... Well, they are cats. And you know what they say. A cat is a cat and that is that.

Cosmo said...

Hi, GardenJoy--Sorry I haven't been by in a while, but I've had fun catching up with your blog. I am SO sympathitic with the organizing photos thing--do you use Flickr or Picasa? They help a little (and keep the lap top running smoothly). And E & S are just lovely--glad you're all staying warm. Happy New Year!

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

The kitties are SO cute! My theory about cats in high places (like your mantle) is that they want everyone to know that they "are above" all other creatures. :-)

Is it already time to get organized?


Blossom said...

Is Emma saying "stop" or "talk to the hand sista!" lol! Your cats looked like little mantle decorations in the first photos, and then I realised they were real!

Happy organising and planning. I've got the itch, but I'm stuck!


Linda Lunda said...

They are to funny!!! Those cats of yours!
I will NOT by any seeds this year ether... I just kill them... later on...
So.. I have promised my self not to do it again.
One year I dis hav 300 differnt potts goning with seeds...
ANd after that .. NO!!! No more seeds.
Im better of with cuttings and ... cant gett the english word .. shit!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Brenda ... Thank you !
No girl you are not the only one that has bad luck with seeds .. I have tried for years and the effort/cost is not worth it to me any more ! I think you really have to have the "touch" ? LOL

Hello there Cosmo .. Happy New Year to you too! E & S say thank you too ^..^
Hey I am guilty too of not getting to your blog .. this mini organizing storm has had me in a tizzy ? LOL
Yes .. I do use Picasa .. but didn't use the whole advantage of uploading to keep the albums .. just editing for a post here and there .. but I will now ! Thanks : )

Hi Cameron .. Yup .. time to try and get a bit organized ? .. January is such a long month to me .. and yes ! Cats feel more secure in seeing everyone and everyone seeing how magnificent they are up high ? LOL

Hi Amy .. You got her Amy .. that is perfect ! LOL .. yes the organizing thing .. it only hits me rarely so I try to follow through. But you know what usually happens .. I run out of gas .. haha.
I know it is hard not to be able to get to things .. but you really have to take care of your self first .. so be patient .. things will will out : )

Linda !!! My god you made me laugh this morning : )
Your English is excellent but I understand your frustration with some words .. I could never think of so many pots girl ! .. that is amazing but I think we have a club going here .. the "No seeds for us" club !! LOL

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindee .. I must have missed yo in sequence girl ! another one with a "no seeds" pact too ? .. and cuttings are tricky I agree .. I think I am the plants only type of girl and I have lots of company eh ? LOL

Rose said...

Sounds like you have been hard at work, Joy. I have many projects here, too, that I have put off for far too long. I've vowed to get started before gardening takes over my life this spring. The girls are a welcome diversion from the bleakness outside!

Water Roots said...

Happy New Year Joy! I wish you health, happiness, prosperity and oodles of gardening fun in 2009!

The photos with your feline girls are amazing. You'd think they were set up that way on the fireplace.

Ah, that time of year again...when you make lists of all the stuff you're going to take care of... The enthusiasm lasts for a month or so and then it's "Bah..."

This year will be different; I have no choice but to get organized since we're moving in five months. I have to sort through everything. Donate what we don't want or need to the Salvation Army. Throw out things that are useless. So I'll be forced to get organized...LOL...

Anyhow, I hope 2009 is a wonderful year for you. And we'll end up meeting each other in person this year once we're settled in your lovely city!

Anonymous said...

Oh those girls are so precious! From what I can see, I really like that painting of the windmill.

I hope you accomplish your to-do's. I'm bad for procrastinating around the house ... I need to smarten up and do more doing and less thinking :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos - like little furry bookends... so perfectly positioned atop the mantle.

Thanks, by the way, for awakening my nagging, guilty conscience. I've been sitting for over a week, surrounded by books, CD's, my old newspaper columns, piles of stuff to file and a brand new phone system, languishing on the kitchen counter, awaiting installation. It's a wonder I can find the computer!

That's it! Cleanup starts today.
Thanks for the nudge and I'll have to explore that whole organizational thing, as well./Deb

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Rose .. The girls are happy to help out ! : )
Yes .. I have lots more to do but at least a few things are off the list .. and a BIG YES to wanting to be FREE when the garden takes over my life too girl ! : )

Hi Martha .. I owe you an e-mail !
Happy New Year to you too : ) the girls love being the center of attention , they say thank you : )
That is the way our lives were when hubby was in the army .. no real junk to get rid of because it was done so often with every move we made. I don't know where it all comes from though ; )
Yes ! I really hope you find the perfect house and we can get together when you are all settled in !!

Hi Diane .. It was funny to have them both jump up on the mantle and do that !
There are windmill pictures on both sides of the mantle .. we bought them in Amsterdam when we were on a tour .. they just seemed perfect to us : ) but I am sorry we didn't buy an oil painting when we kept going to Belgium .. they had some beauties there.
It is hard to start an organization project .. but once you get over that first hump .. it goes quickly .. yes, the hardest part is actually starting ! LOL

Hi Deb .. wow ! you are welcome girl ! .. it is very hard to get going after the holidays had us off schedule and tired out from all the goodies we had .. all of January is a "pain" but the weather has us locked up so that helps ? LOL

Cinj said...

LOL. Cute picture. I hope you and the girls had a good nap.

It looks like we're both thinking about organization today. Maybe I shouldn't have bothered!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cinj .. the girls say "thanks!" .. I know what you mean .. sometimes right in the middle of a job I wonder what the heck am I doing this for !! ; )

Gail said...

Hi Joy,

The girls are too cute! Coal needs a friend so he has someone to romp with! I did put the Christmas decorations away...the house always feels so clean afterwards.

Seeds, I have packets of them...but only the ones that are guaranteed to grow the way I scatter them...Shades of Pink Zinnia and cosmos are the best from seed. But zone 7's longer growing season helps for seeds scatters like me!


DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Perfect matching bookends! Do they dust too? Nice post- gardening or not. And just to let you know it made my morning :)

WiseAcre said...

Emma and Sophie are real camera flirts. Mine refuse to look at me when I get the camera out.

Garden plans are never on my mind. I never know what I'll do until I'm far down a path some whim has taken me.

I gave up starting seeds long ago. Just say I run a little shop of horrors where seedlings are turned into lost hopes.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail .. that is such a relief to put the house back in order isn't it ? .. I like holidays but I tend to ponder how much work they are a bit too often .. I should just learn to relax and enjoy them : )
Cosmos used to work well for me, but the last two years I have had DUDS .. so I am pretty sure I'm sworn off seeds in general .. I think ? Coal needs a friend but I know older cats have real problems adjusting to sharing ??? LOL

Hi Tessa .. Thank you for stopping by and I'm all to happy to make some one smile : ) .. Emma has a very fluffy tail so if I could just train her to dust it would be a snap .. Sophie could rat her out to me if she isn't doing a good enough job ! haha

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. Some how I knew I could count on you to join the "No Seeds Allowed" club (some what like Spanky's No Girls Allowed club .. they are all trouble ?? haha .. garden designs .. I have so little room to work with and such grand schemes in my head .. how the two will meet I never know ; )