Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Is this truly necessary ??

No words can express the utter mental exhaustion (let alone the physical side affects of this winter BBBBrrrrrrr!!) the Benchwarmers are suffering from .. will Spring ever Sprout ????

I thought it better not to allow for personal opinions from two of the more vocal members. After all .. there could be a few younger viewers who might stumble upon the not so happy campers ?


Darlene said...

Oooooo I know your benchwarmers are ready for warm weather! The snow is beautiful but I can't imagine having it all winter long.

I posted about Midnight today if you want to take a look.♥

WiseAcre said...

Let me finish for ya.


I'm not feeling too happy about the snow expected over the next couple of days myself. But at least we've gotten away from the sub zero temps.

our friend Ben said...

Oh, dear, Joy! I certainly know how they feel! No sooner had I posted about the joys of seeing the ground than it started snowing again. Brrrr!!! Poor Benchwarmers! And such great photos! They really show exactly how they're feeling!

Jean said...

Oh my. I'm sorry you all have had it so bad this year. Just keep thinking, "spring will come, spring will come". btw, I like your mantle kitties!

cindee said...

I think the benchwarmers look great in all that snow(-: I am sure they are not to happy though. It does look pretty cold...)-:

greenman said...

Spring will, eventually, wake up.
Enjoy the beauty of snow.
:-) Easy to say...

We never have snow here.
Thanks for sharing your beautifull white pictures.

And stay warm...

easygardener said...

Poor things, they must be frozen solid - more solid than usual (lol)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Darlene ! .. being month after month .. well it does get on your nerves being a Canadian or not girl ! haha
YES ! I will be over to see what Midnight has been up to : )

Dear Mr. WiseA** ... You know me too well sir ! LOL
Yes .. at least we aren't in the "teeth chattering" temps for now .. just having to put up with the white stuff .. when will it be a "win win" situation again though ??? aaarrrggghhhh !

Helllooooo there 'ben" !
That is why I kept from falling into the trick of taking a picture of some bare spots in the garden .. I just knew this would happen ? haha .. Gaston is VERY happy to be an indoor gargoyle but Winthrop says he isn't macho enough to be a REAL gargoyle ? .. the boys can be mean eh ? haha

Hello there Jean .. what a beautiful Siamese ? pictured there : ) .. I have a weakness for them even as a mix breed ? : ) My girls say thank you , they are too aware they are cute ? haha .. yes, we are all hanging on to the HOPE Spring will arrive soon ??

Cindee .. if you knew some of the very naughty words I have heard mumbled from the gang .. well, good thing there is no transcript !! when will this end ???

Hello there Greenman : )
Yes .. Spring will eventually wake up but it slumbers past my own alarm clock ? : )
I'll keep hanging in here .. thank you !!

EG .. you hit it on the head EG .. the longer we are stuck in winter mode the harder the freezer burn is to defrost ? LOL

Meadowview Thymes said...

They look pretty chilly! I know you are ready for signs of spring--I hope they come soon for you! When does the snow typically go away and warmer days appear?

Jamie and Randy said...

Well... at least they are covered in less snow than they have been. Hang in there, Joy. :-)--Randy

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Is it only the benchwarmers that are suffering? ;-) There is a bit of spring waiting for you at Bliss. Will make you feel all warm and toasty. Bring cats!

Anonymous said...

They look good with snow! Can't believe I am saying that, since I am totally sick of snow this winter.

Frances said...

Hi Joy, I was cheered to at least being able to SEE the bench warmers. I remember last year the view of your deck covered in snow blocking half of the view. I think your guys have been pretty patient, but this time of year they might be getting fed up with it all. Maybe then need to move to TN, but wait, they are calling for snow this weekend.

Gail said...

I would invite you to visit me in nashville but we are having cold weather (lows into the teens) on and off for the next week...Is that cold coming from the north? Tell Dave and the BWs that we appreciate how they are keeping up a brave face....even tho they curse a bit! Who wouldn't! Your winter has been long and too white. (((U))) gail

Anonymous said...

Oh, but it's such a fluffy, picturesque snow! Tell the guys to hang in there, spring's coming... eventually! How are the girls doing? I'll bet they're ready for a change of seasons, outside their windows. My boys are - we had one 54ยบ day last week and all 4 cats tried to sit in the one window I had open... quite a sight! It's been in the 20's and 30's ever since, though./Deb

Anonymous said...

Oh no, chilly bills!
Stay wrapped up.

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Poor things! And poor you, Joy. I think it's finally've lost your mind! I don't see a thing on your bench- kidding ;) Just let us know if you start actually hearing them and we'll send the pretty white jacket so they can take you away to a sunny warm place!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi MT .. every year has been different with when the snow goes and warmer temps start .. climate changes over all : )
This year the snow started early .. and kept up and is refusing to let go .... aarrgghhh !

Hi Randy .. I guess I can take that into consideration ? .. less snow .. less to go when it eventually makes up its mind to finally leave for the season ?? : )

Yolanda .. I'm packing up the girls in their carriers , putting on my best pajamas and we are headed to your place girl !!! LOL

Sandy ! I can't believe you are saying that either girl !! I know what you mean though .. it does complement them in such a setting ? LOL

Frances .. haven't you guys been threatened by snow before ? LOL
I would be great fun to get down there , see you and your garden .. maybe take a road trip and drop by Gail's garden .. I think I would be laughing and enjoying myself a lot !

Gail .. I just told Frances about what it would be like to do a road trip down there and see you guys ! The Benchwarmers would be fastened to the top of my car so they could enjoy the full affect of it all ... I might get a few strange looks but then they would see I am Canadian EH ! by my licence plate ? LOL

Deb ! I got that picture straight away with the boys at the window .. every time our deck door is open the girls are right there to get some sniffs : )
I know they can't wait for that little period of time before it gets too hot when I have the door open while I am working in the garden .. they love that !
How is Lucy Maud handling the snow ?

Hey knittnkitten !! .. how is the garden coming girl ? I have to get over there again and see what is going on : )

Tessa .. are you messin' with what I have left of my mind again girl !!????? LOL .. Hey .. the guys with the white jackets are friends of mine .. they will even change the jacket to a nice girlie pink when I ask ! : )

Giddy said...

My Dear Joy,

Permit me to print our mutual opinions of this never ending snow:

&(*&^##@&**! bleeping snow!!!

Rose said...

These poor guys; I've been feeling sorry for them every time you show their photos this winter, Joy. But they must be pretty hardy Northeners, eh?
It's a little hard not to be jealous, isn't it, when visiting those Southern folk who are out cleaning up their gardens and planting new perennials. We have 2-4" of snow forecast for tomorrow as well. At least it will give some moisture to the garden when spring finally arrives!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Dear Giddy .. you did a GREAT job expressing my opinions too girl !!!
Will this never end ????? aarrgghh !

Rose .. don't worry about the Benchwarmers girl .. they are Canadian !! so even though there is some mumbling going on .. they are in good health : )
Yes .. I know I should harbor jealousy but it is difficult seeing other gardens come to life.
BUT .. a theory of mine is : since we have a much shorter time of life in our gardens we so APPRECIATE it .. it is an emotional flow for us that people who don't go through this long shut down don't feel the way we feel .. it is something that can't be explained but we all feel it don't we girl ? : )