Thursday, 12 February 2009

Pardon my tripod ? ...

Yes ... I have stooped to a silly post yet once again .. because the RAIN is driving me into total cabin fever mode and I clutch at straws to keep at least nose view on the sanity border line. To top it off i have FOUND the manual I so often chatted about (never reading the important parts mind you) .. but here is the kicker.
I have to thank Linda the Crafty Gardener for letting the genie out of the bottle on the new Olympus camera SP-590UZ .. 12MP .. 26 x optical zoom .. can you say PLEASE I WANT IT REALLY REALLY BADLY ??? Linda .. I am blaming you totally for this girl !
Hubby coined the phrase .. just like a "man" finally getting to the manual when you are thinking of buying "up" ???? Thanks sweetie : )

This is an expandable tripod that can snap down to under two feet with a carry handle, but tall enough for me to get a good angle with a sky shot. Sophie is approving the footing first.
It even has a liquid "level" aka air bubble in green liquid goo .. to make sure I am less lopsided than I would naturally be .. being me and rushing into things too quickly : (
The picture is so bright you really can't see it .. so you have to take my word on it ?
And there finally is the mystery manual that has been hiding on my closet floor but in the camera box .. so I did know where it was all this time : )

This is the compact size it reduces to, as modeled by Emma .. she works for half the cat treats Sophie does so she got the lay down position.

The tripod is very inexpensive .. $20.00 so I wanted to promote it for what it MIGHT just do for the quality of pictures skywards .. Cindee from Cindee's Garden mentioned she didn't have one .. I wasn't sure if she meant because she thought it might be a pain in the purse or a pain in the keester .. so here you are girl .. a practical one, with low impact money-wise ?


Crafty Gardener said...

I've decided if we are going to get new cameras, there is no sense in reading the old manual. Let's wait till the new one arrives. Just thing of the moon photos we will be able to shoot!! hehehe

GardenJoy4Me said...

Linda .. I saw you pick me girl ! LOL .. I agree with you whole heartedly .. now which store are you going to give your business to ? haha .. I can't wait for the moon to shine : )

Gail said...

That 26x zoom is way too attractive I only have 12x...I am feeling a little envy bubbling up to the surface! Must push it back...must get another new camera! gail

Cinj said...

Well, we have to have something to blog about, don't we? I'd love a new camera too. I have a tripod that's a bit of a pain. Your tripod loooks a whole lot nicer, LOVE the models too. Barker's beauties better look out! (Can I still call them thatsince Bob retired?)

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

So many of my photos come out blurry I know because I'm not standing as still as I think I am. And as hard as I try, I seem to lean to the side just a bit! I didn't know you could get one that cheap. I'll have to look into that. Wish you were here to smell my blooms!

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I just bought a tripod today! I got a Dynex for $39.


texasdaisey said...

I have one & have never used it maybe I should get it out of the bag & actually use it. Maybe I would have better photos.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

If it's not the snow, it's the rain that is giving you cabin fever.

Sounds like a good buy that tripod and at a very good price too.

Crafty Gardener said...

Last time I could only buy my Olympus at Future Shop ... not my favourite store (they play such loud music) but if that is where it is being sold, that is where I'm shopping. Now why can't they sell them at Home Sence???

GardenJoy4Me said...

Gail .. girl, I truly think that we garden bloggers are camera crazy too. It goes hand in hand because we want to record our gardens in real time and in the quality they deserve because we work so hard .. YOU DESERVE a NEW camera !! Now start planning on IT ! LOL

Hi Cinj .. You made me have a good giggle this morning ! I don't think Bob would mind .. and the girls think they are already beauties .. so YES !
We are back in the land of COLD this morning .. so bye bye rain : )

Brenda .. I wish I could smell and SEE them too girl ! Yes !! they really can be quite cheap yet very good at the same time. I'm not saying this is a pro unit but good enough for me to adapt to !

Cameron ! You got a good deal : ) .. now blog a bit about how you are finding it ? Your opinion on what it does for your photos etc ?

Hello there Debbie ! Thanks for stopping by ! ... Yes : ) Try using it a few times . get comfortable with it .. and see if you find there is a good enough reason to keep using it for special shots !

Hello there Yolanda .. even when it rained so much in Holland (during winter months) when we lived there, I was working so it didn't seem to bother me much .. but here in the "cabin" it can all get to be a bit much ?
Yes ! the tripod was a great buy : )

Linda .. I laughed big time when I read this .. if only everything we liked to shop for was at Home Sense eh ? .. I have not been in there for a long time .. maybe I have withdrawal from that ? .. I'm wondering how many stores will carry the new one .. Linden Electronics out past Leon's .. and that Black's Camera in the Cat mall should as well .. I wonder who will have the best price !!!

tina said...

I don't have one either but will look for this one. They sure come in handy.

Patsi said...

You didn't need a manual to work a tripod...did you?
Looks like a heavy duty one for the price. Pretty cool.
Have fun kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Your owner's manual can be your best friend -- sometimes you'll discover features you didn't even know you had. I know I need to read mine more thoroughly. (I was sure I had commented on your lovely moon posts yesterday...I hope my comments are getting through ok?)

Weeping Sore said...

Love your new toys! I know, not toys really. Camera gear is part of your inevitable needs as a serious gardener in order to document your garden. How about a time-lapse pic of your cat napping?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Tina .. I think it might come in handy, even though it has taken me this long (3 years ? haha) to get it up here in time to grab when I have an idea for a sky shot .. they aren't expensive and it might just do the trick for you for some shots !

Patsi .. you cracked me up girl ! NO !! I didn't need a manual for the tripod .. but it would have been funny seeing me figure the extensions out .. I might just use it this year !!

Hi Nancy .. I didn't see comments from you with the moon .. but yesterday I noticed mine were not coming through on other blogs for some reason .. there seem to be a hiccup in the systems over all I think (or was it just me ?? LOL) Yes ! I know there are so many more options to this camera I don't know about .. I feel guilty thinking of the next one already !

WS .. I know my girls would love to be on real time camera .. let alone time lapse ! haha
I think it really is an important part of gardening now .. the advantage of having actual pictures to analyze how your garden is doing .. down to each individual plant,vine,shrub etc ... it is before your very eyes !

Aiyana said...

I've always hated setting up my tripod, and I've missed a few good shots because of it. Reading your post, I may have to try to take the time to use my tripod, and read the manual for my current camera--something I neglected when I bought it. Figured all cameras are similar, so why bother. That works--until I want to try something new!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Aiyana .. I'm full of enthusiasm when I first get things .. then things slide .. then I feel guilty and swear I will teach myself all about it AGAIN .. then ...... well I think you get the picture, unintended PUN ? LOL
BUT .. this time I mean it !! : )

WiseAcre said...

Drool - 26X zoom. I have some problems with photo quality using 18x zoom but have to remember it's getting me photos that otherwise would be impossible. With the 26 I just might be able to get a shot of the turkeys :)

Hey I read part of my manual the other day and promptly forgot everything when I got out the camera.

I have a tripod much like yours but it's a pain to carry around in the woods. I do keep it in the truck but it's like the camera manual and I forget to use it until after I've taken pics.

Now for something useful. (I'll should take a photo and write a post)

I bought a mini tripod with flexible 6 inch legs that I carry with me at all times. It sits on guard rails nicely when I take photos from bridges and roadsides. It steady's my hand in the woods when I set it against trees. It even helped the other night with the full moon when I set it on the truck hood.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Dear Mr. WiseA**
I just got over to your blog and saw those gorgeous moon shots with the evening closing in on the river etc ... they are absolutely beautiful ! .. if only I had the energy to get in my car and hunt for some nice scenery to take pictures of !
That bit about the manual reading and total amnesia .. happens to me all the time .. you are NOT alone sir !! haha
I like the picture in my head with you and the mini tripod balancing in a secluded location catching the setting sun .. then the Martian and his flying saucer appear out of no where ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hope your health is holding up with the weather.

GardenJoy4Me said...

kittenkitten ! Hi there girl ! .. I have just been over to your blog and wow ! you have been busy : )
Best wishes with the new home and the move !

Viooltje said...

Oh Lordy, seems like we share the same camera. 550UZ. or Olympus Uzi as I love to call it. Now that explains all of your fabulous shots! And for a second I actually thought you were THAT good! Hahaha J/k. Couldn't help myself. I've been in a wicked mood for days now. Take care!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Violet .. my own blog is thumbing its nose at me .. i just did a reply for you and it got swallowed up into cyberspace.
I laughed at the uzi comment because when I shoot in burst mode that is what it seems like ?
Don't worry about the mood swings .. I think Spring is having a difficult birth all over the world and we are being dragged through it as well .. so we all feel tired haggard and wicked !!
I haven't been visiting all the blogs I want to so I fear they think I am negligent? LOL