Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Show before the Storm

I'm still wondering where are those fantastic red sky mornings gone ? .. Yes, I have beautiful smudgy hues of purple and blue with a bit of pink thrown in .. a dove here and there .. wait a minute .. yes, our doves are back, already staking a claim on the garden. Also the robin from hell is back. I have nothing against robins .. you have to love these guys and gals .. but we have a robin that should be on heavy duty medication for aggressive tendencies and the most annoying loud beak you could ever hear .. I kid you NOT !

This is a very fuzzy silhouette of one of our doves .. we used to call them the three stooges because there was always a third one following two around .. maybe another adult kid who just can't seem to leave home yet ? In any case .. if you look closely, you can see a bit of its little face is cold .. a storm is brewing and there it is, alone on the roof top but with a support group still hanging in the trees around thankfully : )

I know most of these pictures look alike, but I see a slight change within minutes of taking the original one and I'm driven to snap away in pursuit of "the" perfect one.

It was a flurry of snow this afternoon .. one minute it looked rather bare out there .. the next there was a bout an inch of snow .. it is any wonder I am going a little 'mad" I'll have to dig up another plant to discuss to keep me going here ?


Shady Gardener said...

Beautiful sky shots! :-)

joey said...

And that is why we (photographers)'bracket' ("a slight change within minutes of taking the original ... perfect one."), dear Joy! Good job :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Shady .. Thank you girl ! .. even though it isn't the very striking red sky we can have , it is softly beautiful : )

Hellloooo Joey ! .. it never stops amazing me how quickly the sky can change and that HUNT for the perfect picture stays with us as long as we live , doesn't it ? : )

Anonymous said...

Great sky sequence - love the muted hues and that sweet dove silhouette. Never heard of such an aggressive robin... I'll be looking forward to details during the season. I've had one around here since January and he's surviving on Aronia berries, as the winterberry is long gone. /Deb

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Deb .. thanks girl ! not one of the most colourful mornings but pretty all the same. Yes ! that robin is something else .. hubby and I can't get over what a noisy thug it can be ! haha