Saturday, 28 March 2009

Bare Bones Comparison # 1

I did a lot of garden work this morning 9 AM until after 12:30 ... that is an extreme day for me. But the weather was glorious and I knew that we are supposed to get rain .. they keep pushing it back every day .. I think this time, they have to be right by now ?
So getting the rest of the leaf litter up and a few more trimmings done was essential to calm my garden side down.
I thought doing a few "before" and "now" shots might be fun ..
I think I am going to have a little "ivy" withdrawal" though .. last June it was beautiful as usual, and now it has been cut back, the shed section is due to be dug up .. no chance of having ivy grow on the new shed roof with all those great light panels up in the eve ..
I'll actually be able to really see what I am doing in the shed !

... it was gorgeous though ... green green green .. BIG sigh !!
Hard to believe those guys lifted the whole thing up and walked away with it !!!

Talk about BARE BONES now though .. you can even see the stain ? or the unworn ? area where the shed roof was against the railing of the deck.

We were told that we saved money on a new build permit .. the city considered our deck (20 years old .. we bought the house from the one original owner, after 10 years) is so NOT up to code it was technically condemned ...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry ? or eat some fudge 'cause I swear I can't fall into the chocolate cycle yet again ... anybody have some by the way?


Jill-O said...

No chocolate, but I've got jelly donuts....

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I'll make some fudge and send it right up! Oh no, don't fret, hang'll be there in about a month or so, after it goes through customs, by then it'll be moldy, ugh. They'll probably throw it out first. Darn. Guess you'll need to find it someplace else Joy. BUT I really would send you some if I could;-)
WOW, what a huge change. Hopefully it will all be worth it in the end...but that ivy sure looked pretty, I agree. I know you will be so happy when your workers are TOTALLY done and gone. I hope you're pain level wasn't too bad after working so hard for so many hours! Sunshine and a little bit higher temps. make all of us get out there I think!!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Wow, that does make a big difference. Can't wait to see the new digs.

Anonymous said...

So your deck is condemned because you got rid of your shed, or because you wanted to make changes to the deck and it's "grandfathering" would end?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you won't miss all that green ivy when you have all that glorious sunlight coming in the roof of your new shed! Sorry no chocolate here either. ;)

Cathy said...

Sure wish I could give you some :)
I know what it's like to renovate, it took my sister and I 7 years to renovate a 100 year old victorian house.

garden girl said...

Wow Joy! looks like your project is moving along very fast! I was wondering what the girls thought of all the activity outside their windows. I hope they're taking it all in stride.

I have WAY too much chocolate around here right now after the bunco ladies were here earlier this week! It's awfully tempting, let me tell you!

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Wow! I can't believe they picked that up and walked off with it either! I bet you're glad it's all gone :). Funny I was just commenting on Daphne's Dandelions that it was not long ago that she was waiting to see her ground- with all the snow! And now you too! I can't wait to see your garden, Joy :)

cindee said...

Will icecream do? Thats what I am having(-: Your new deck will be so fun!!! I know you will miss the ivy but the new shed and sky lights will make up for it for sure(-: You can always look back on the pictures(-:
I got up early today too and got to work on fertilizing everything. Then I trimmed the hedge. It was a lot of work. First cut of the season and all. My arms still hurt! I am going to try the every week fertilizing method of Tootsies. Can't hurt right?
Then we went to the boring Home and Garden show. It was a flop. But I got a new sunface..9 dollars! How could I pass that up? It is metal and I will take a picture tomorrow(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Jill .. I just got over to your blog to wish you a late Happy Birthday girl ! I'm sorry to be late .. and wow ! You have a long list of chores lined up for yourself .. make sure you get some "me" time in-between it all !

Jan .. can you imagine customs wondering about the fudge ? LOL
I got so much accomplished yesterday I am a bit proud of myself .. but yes .. I ceased up in the afternoon after I had a shower .. rough night .. what an achy morning (probably go back to bed, since it really is raining today ! haha)
The sun and warm temps do make you work, that is my theory completely too ! : )

Debbie .. I am so hoping it will all look great once it is put together and I get some GREEN back in this space again : )

Hi there knittnkitten ! It all started together actually .. we knew a new deck was needed .. a new shed .. and the deck doors will be replaced with great ones with fiberglass casing which should last forever ? LOL
Our federal government is allowing a claim of 15% on all home renovations this year so THIS IS the year to do it all : )

Racquel .. no chocolate ? smart cookie ! LOL .. Yes .. these new resin sheds are fantastic ! getting my own little door with windows on either side (perfect for flower boxes) will be such a treat !!

Cathy ! I don't think I could extend renovations that long girl ! I would totally lose my mind , LOL ! .. you and your sister had a heck of a patience stretch !!

Linda .. funny you should ask about the girls .. they were wondering what was going on .. it will be a lot worse when the deck project is started .. tearing the old one down and then the process of starting from scratch .. BIG time NOISE for sure .. they won't be happy campers for sure ; )
I just know having chocolate around right now would send me into a tail spin .. I know how you must feel girl ! Hang in !

Tessa .. we still can't believe they did it either .. I just wish I had taken pictures .. but being in pajamas .. especially my kind of pajamas .. well .. I just couldn't LOL .. I can't wait to see my garden either girl .. and YOURS too !!

Cindee .. it amazes me how much you do girl ! (ice cream .. coffee ? maple walnut ?? LOL)
You got another sunface !! : )
I can't stop collecting them either .. if I can find the combo of the sun and moon again .. now that would make me really happy !
Some of the H & G shows are a real flop aren't they ? .. we can do better, right ? : )

Frances said...

Hi Joy, this is such an improvement! It took guts to make the change, but you will be happier for it, up to code or not. It will all get fixed properly and be wonderful. Karl F. can be divided and spread about to make a better showing for himself and the others around him. How exciting. Think of the possibilties, not the problems my friend. :-)

Blossom said...

They did what? Pick it all up and walk away? But I'm sure you know what to do now ...
Chocolate? No no, go get a carrot and munch on it. Very much healthier. Or, am I being too harsh? Hush, hush, don't cry. But chocolate? ...

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Frances .. it is a bit scary .. especially as it slides into looking a lot worse before it gets better .. but you are right .. once it is all put together and I get my green back, .. it will look GREAT ! .. YES !! I am splitting a few ornamental grasses and placing them in different locations around the front and back .. I do love how they look .. they are my "comfort" plants .. haha

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I use every opportunity to turn to chocolate for solace. It is a girl's best friend. Aside from cat and/or dog. Bare bones, now there's a novel idea for a gardener! (Which means it won't be that way long!)

Gail said...

Hi Dear! I ran out of chocolate...After the washing machine died I ate the entire collection! We think we replaced everything that can go wrong! Except I forgot to replace the chocolate stash!

Your new 'shed'...(goodness it sounds more like a retreat with all the light panels).... will be up and usable before you know it. You know, as soon as I typed that, it became clear that "before you know it" is not fast enough! None the less, once the projects are will be so loving everything! Joy, it's going to be lovely! I can't wait to see the new deck and shed and all your darlings blooming.

Btw, here is where I get some of my chocolate! I have no investment in the company...but it has good chocolate!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Blosssom ! How did you get in the middle of the pack ? .. YES girl ! .. the he-man club picked it up and walked it to the trailer and drove away with it !! too funny right ? .. men .. what can you do with them ? LOL
My carrots are out of date .. I just checked .. had to throw them out .. BIG sigh !!!!!

Brenda .. I think they should be able to prescribe chocolate in fact .. it is a medicine right ? .. beyond our little furry souls that comfort us .. yup ! stripped back to bare bones .. soon ?

Gail girl .. that is what I am expecting from our very noisy dishwasher .. something is up and I'm sure it will SPIT out dishes soon one day .. forgetting to top up your chocolate stash ??? that is NOT you !! I know you must be diverted for sure now girl ! haha
Yes .. there should be light at the end of the tunnel .. although the new deck doors are going to take some time .. June is the earliest the company said .. but when it is all said and done .. I can look forward to ... HALLOWEEN !!!!! 215 days away : ) : ) hahaha .. I'll look into the chocolate company too !