Monday, 16 March 2009

Be careful what you wish for .... !

This was "me" one season .. laying in the garden with my favorite Scabiosa floating over me giving me a moment of wonderful peace and contentment.

The wheels are in motion now .. so there is no turning back.
Tomorrow we empty the shed and perhaps do a run to the dump. The weather has been awesome today .. once this starts it is a gamble each day no matter what the weatherperson says !
I have taken "before" pictures of the naughty deck and sad shed .. so when it is done, which seems to be sooner rather than later, I can post them all .
The deck company also does landscaping .. my plan is to take the wood borders out and sink stone/brick flush to the bed .. so the plants are all that you see .. not the hardscape border product .. plus I would really like my two path ways (flagstone ?) from the back garden to the front garden ... can this really happen ? I'm worried things are going too well .. forever the worrier or warrior ? : )

I'll be preoccupied with outside work while the weather is good ..
The beds need to be cleaned out .. lawn raked up .. the regular Spring clean thing .. and all the while the wishes I have made are in the workings of coming true ..
I'm tired and have a headache already ? wink wink .. ah ! it will be SO worth it when it is done, RIGHT ?


Mystic said...

Joy I know what you mean. Saturday and Sunday I raked the yard front and back, and blisters to prove it. Most of my flower beds have been cleaned off with plants peeking through while others still have some snow and ice(the shady areas). There is still alot of frost in the ground and I wish it would hurry up and thaw. This amazing weather has got me going and I don't want to stop. I hope this isn't an early April fools on all of us.

Teza said...

You simply have to close your eyes and dive..... you can see what the end result will be - now it's all about remaining confident and positive... think what a great post the Before and After shots will make!

Kerri said...

It all sounds very exciting :) We've had 2 days of beautiful weather here too. It felt so good to get outside and do some clean-up in the gardens.
Enjoy, and don't overdo!

Lynn said...

Does your season start that much earlier than ours in WV? I won't start clearing off things for another month.We won't put any annuals out until at the earliest May 5th, and that is pushing it...
I hate to wish my life away but I love spring and I wish it were May!!!
Have a Great Week...

cindee said...

I am so excited for you! I know you will be thrilled to see things get started and move along! All before summer too!!! So you will have the whole summer to enjoy your new deck and shed!!! Yay!! I can't wait to see all the pictures!!!

Meadowview Thymes said...

I get excited just reading about what is going on in your yard!! Be sure and post lots of pictures!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Jackie .. people in our neighborhood have been out raking .. made me feel guilty and overwhelmed at the same time . with so many things to do !We still have a mini glacier in the front by the side walk (no morning sun that side .. takes longer to melt. I'm sure we will go back and forth with the weather for a while yet girl .. hang in there !

Hi Teza .. that is exactly what I have to do ! and today is one of those diving days for sure .. I just hope I get a little time to clear some leaves off the borders .. let the rain reach the soil for tomorrow, since it is supposed to rain a bit.
YES ! I'm hoping the after shots look really great .. like they do in my mind ?? LOL

Hi Kerri .. it is amazing what sunshine a warmer temps do for us girl ! .. makes you believe the seasons are really not stuck in neutral ? LOL .. yes, the over do mode .. I don't think I can help it today .. it is going to happen .. but tomorrow I can rest ? LOL

Lynn .. we have some strange days dotted around mid/late March, when we get a chance to rake up a bit .. clear some leaves off the beds .. but like you guys we don't put annuals out until much later .. long week end in May is supposed to be safe .. but every year is different .. have a great week too girl !

Cindee .. I am so excited too .. I actual vibrate in side when I get this crazy .. today is work day with emptying the shed .. hope to clear off some beds too ! and yes .. we beat the rush who are now ordering new decks and fences .. phew ! our last thing of the new doors will take until June .. we dropped the ball on timing with that .. but it is all GOOD and I'm HAPPY !

Thanks Linda .. I'm in that mode "I can't believe this is going to really happen !!" myself .. lots of pictures for sure : )

Crafty Gardener said...

I bet you are so glad that the work if finally underway. It is going to look fantastic. Can't wait to see the photos. No news on the camera front yet ... still looking.

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...


I'm so happy to hear that everything is going so well with your deck project! I hope you get your edging and pathways!

Take care!
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Deanne said...

Can't wait to see it all come together and to see the photos! Nice weather can't come quick enough :)

Skeeter said...

We all get so much energy with excitment this time of year! I know you will have fun once all this work is behind you. Cant wait to see the before and after shots as they are always so much fun...

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your project. I can't wait to see it.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Linda .. I am keeping an eye out still myself .. but there is so much going on here for now I am a bit distracted and stressed (good stress makes you tired too ! haha)
I can't wait to see how this all unfolds either girl ! : )

Hi Cameron, thank you girl ! Happy SP Day too ! .. if things go the way my mind hopes it will .. it will be wonderful : )

Hi Deanne .. it was amazing the last two days .. now we are going a bit colder but sun for tomorrow and a couple of days yet. Fingers crossed !

Hi Skeeter .. Yes !! I want to make sure I do good before and after pictures .. a slide show would be fun to watch : ) I worked hard yesterday and the muscles are screaming ; ) but garden work was wonderful !!

Thanks Sandy .. this is a big combination for us to get done .. just hope it all goes according to plan !

Cinj said...

You can rake the lawn already? I'm so jealous. I only have a couple of plants I can clean up if I choose to along the front of the house. The back yard should dry out in the next couple of days but there's really nothing there to rake but sandy soil. At least it will speed up my lawn drying process.

I got the garage cleaned again. Didn't I just do that last year?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cinj .. we had exceptional weather Monday and Tuesday .. so part of the grass, I could rake ! Cleaned up a bit of the beds that aren't frozen still .. and we got the shed emptied .. now if they would come by and tear it down so the deck guys could start their job .. all in due course right ?
Yes ! you DID clean the garage last year girl !! LOL

Weeping Sore said...

The hardest part of garden spring cleaning (for me) is that those first few days get harder each year. While I love the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a day outside, my knees would prefer another dose of ibuprofin.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi WS .. how true that is for me as well .. even more so this year with such upheaval .. I want to get to the "good" part now and not work so hard ! LOL

Kathleen said...

Yes, it will all be worth it!! Don't doubt it although I have to say I worry a bit when things are going too well too. What's up with that?!!!! I have been working in the garden too and feel the same way you do. Tired and achy. I guess that's pay back for not staying in shape, huh??
You asked where my 'Maypop' passion vine was going to be planted and I think in a totally new garden spot (where it's protected ~ south side of house, AM sun, afternoon shade) At least that's the plan right now but it could work on my new arbor too???? Where is yours going??
Good luck with the deck ~ hopefully you'll sail thru the project and it will be the easiest thing ever! :-)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Kathleen .. Today just might be another day of garden clean up (if the ground isn't too soggy !) ..
I have a "sun" border, climbing roses and some other vines, clematis etc .. but my thoughts were to plant the maypop in a large tub for the deck during the season .. then late summer early Autumn plant it in the sun border for the winter, mulch and more mulch .. being on the deck I can keep an eye on it for watering, better protection etc ..maybe a bit of TLC will make it stronger and more ready to hack our winter ? LOL
We are in wait mode for the shedman to clear the old shed out and the deck guys to come in .. hurry up and wait ??

Titania said...

It is very exiting to do new things in the garden. Let your artistic flair get the upper hand and forget your worries. When I worry my grand children say to me, "build a bridge and get over it"!I love Scabiosa, with their big heads of tight tiny flowers. Unfortunately they never last long in my garden, to hot, to wet, to humid, to many toooos.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Titania .. Yes it really is exciting, but stressful too .. I'm very anal about keeping to a time schedule .. so when work is not being done according to the time it is supposed to be done .. I'm hyper .. but I like what your grandkids say .. that is cute. I had more scabiosa but they seem to disappear between years here too.
Hey .. there are a lot of too's to me too ! LOL