Thursday, 5 March 2009

Frozen Garden ......

Yes .. we are still FROZEN here in the Great White North .. BUT .. rain along with the heat wave is starting tonight .. so .. guess what will happen to a lot more of the snow and ice ? It is called "Rain Aid" !! .. and I will be very glad of it : )
Still ... there were some very pretty patterns of frosty ice in the back garden .. lots of bunny beans (which I forgot to take pictures of, along with the little paw prints) we never mind wildlife in the garden, and so much of what I have is there for them as well ... especially in the winter .. they know they can rely on me ?

I think you can actually see some green blades of grass in there !!
Our neighbor decided to get rid of all of her grape vines that shaded her pergola .. I don't know what she is going to do with it now .. I do know that I am volunteering my services in our shared "ally way" where I have the arbor gate .. I want to plant ferns and a few care free, nice looking plants between our houses .. it looks terrible when one person is too enthusiastic and the other is NOT ? .. I think she will go for my plan .. hope so ... fingers crossed ?
My very long "ally" in our garden .. I want to shake it up a bit but the left side is quite full .. I need to put my garden gnome hat on ? and think outside the box for something really interesting to happen here .. watch this spot ?
I needed to include some blue, blue sky with a very brown Buddleja davidii Royal Red
It is a fabulous butterfly bush and we have agreed together, that I might just be doing right by it, after how many years ? .. I think we are fond of each other in fact ! : )
My Karley Rose .. looking disastrous but very normal for this time of year. I was trying to explain to Frances of Fairegarden, after she said she had no success with keeping Karley upright .. that you have to plant a good size obelisk over the young grass .. and use plastic coated, green is a good colour choice of course ? wire, to wrap around the grass and obelisk, to keep it upright or in my mind an almost vase shape .. which does look wonderful .. so it takes a bit of planning .. but it is well worth it !
A few sad looking BUT green bits of fern in the cold icy front garden .. life is lurking there !

Finally what looks horrific ... with all the beautiful Hellebore that gardeners are showing off in their gardens .. well this is my poor soul at the moment .. Orientalis .. and truly a beauty when it comes to life .. not only the flowers but believe it or not the foliage is stunning through the rest of the year .. and that is something to be proud of in our HOT HUMID summers .. yes .. we are a location of extremes .. from ice cubes to total .. dare I say it ? .. sweaty beings, holding on long enough to make it to .. wait for it ... it is coming ... AUTUMN !!!! Halloween is almost only 239 days away !!!!!!


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

I am beginning to see some bare spots.It won't be long now.

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Just how long of a growing season do you have there? I don't know if I could take all that snow, Joy. I might go right around the bend.

Patsi said...

First 2 pics are awesome!
Can't wait to see your yard come spring. It looks much better than mine right now!

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Green! Did I see green? I was thinking about you today, Joy. I can't wait to see your garden! I bet you're thinking the same thing, right? Happy almost spring...hold on Joy, hold on!

Lynn said...

That blue sky is looking good and the gardens will soon look great too.... We are suppose to have 70 degree weather this weekend here in WV. It will be a nice change from the 9 degrees two days ago!!! Have a great weekend!

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

We broke our cold spell today too. God I wanted a thermometer with a snooze alarm on it these last few months!

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

It will be better soon! :-)


Gail said...


So a warming trend in your area! That is good news! I know you are ready to see some greenery. .Your plans are exciting...It's going to be fun to see what you come up with when you put your gnome hat on! Please post a photo of you in said hat;-) gail

Anonymous said...

A bit frozen yet, but I see some signs of life just waiting to shine! Can't wait to see what you & your neighbor work out with the alley.

GardenJoy4Me said...

HHGL ! hello there girl ! .. yes there are going to be even more bare spots with these rainy days .. bring it on ! LOL

Brenda .. haven't you noticed .. I've gone round the bend ages ago girl ! hahaha .. it is short compared to you southerners but longer than our northerners .. intense a resounding YES ! I hate the heat and humidity so I'm a morning gardener, then hide in the house away from the heat the rest of the day !

Patsi .. girl you have so many birds in your garden there is LIFE there for sure ! I'm hoping for the magic to work again and this all springs to their gorgeous selves again ! : )

Tessa ! .. I'm so ready for Spring it is sad .. there will be a slight delay while all this reno stuff goes on then look out baby ! Momma is in the garden !! LOL

Lynn .. I can't imagine those temps yet girl .. I know they will be coming .. but wow ! .. You are going to have a wonderful week end! : )

Jim .. congrats ! I think we are finally moving towards the start of life here in winter land ..I don't think I would survive much more of this either ? LOL

Cameron .. thanks girl .. I'm holding on : )

Gail .. now since I mentioned my more gnomey side ? I'll have to come up with a hat so Dave and I can have our picture taken ? LOL
YES !!! Spring is coming !!!

PG .. I'm really rather excited about it .. I'm sure Connie (neighbor) will think it is a good idea .. especially if I do the work and maintenance ? I think it will look smashing if all goes to plan : )

Frances said...

Hi Joy, thanks for the explanation and link love. No wonder my Karley Rose won't stand up! It needs help. I will look to see if a piece got left in the ground, not sure about that and will give it some support. But really that is a lot of hoop jumping for me. The annual red feather grass stands up well and gives that same dark rosy flower color. And hooray for Hallowe'en, I'm with you on that one!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Frances .. you are welcome girl ! I know you have so much on your hands that pampering Karley is not a logical choice for you .. and me too girl !! LOL
I have some wonderful miscanthus and also the feather reed grasses as well and they are gorgeous too ! I think I am hooked on grasses ? haha ... and boy, I know it is crazy but now with Spring coming my thoughts are already too focused on Autumn and Halloween : )

Rose said...

One of these days, Joy, that eternal snow is going to melt and everything will come to life once again! After looking at posts of blooms on southern gardeners' blogs, I keep pushing aside leaves and dead foliage here looking for any signs of life, but so far not much. Our day will come:)

P.S. I'm glad Sophie is so kind to share her name with my canine offspring. It's a beautiful name for beautiful ladies:)

tina said...

Your poor hellebore. Winters are really quite rough up there aren't they? I like your name of bunny beans. Ha! Reminds me I have to go clean my rabbits' cages. Always something to do... Hang tough.

wiseacre said...

Seems we both got some last chance ice photos before the thaw. You should see mine :)

The measly 40s F isn't enough for me though - I'm headed south to soak up some 50s and maybe get a taste of the 60s. I have just got to get my hands in some dirt. The snow might have melted here but the ground is still frozen.

garden girl said...

Hang in there Joy - spring's marching north step by step! It's 61 degrees and sunny in Chicago this morning. We're expecting rain later today and all weekend - I should get out there for a bit and enjoy the sun while it lasts. I found some daffodils poking up yesterday on the south side of the house, and surprise lily foliage breaking ground in the back under the maples - what a thrill!

Have a great weekend!

Christine said...

Even though your gardens are under winter conditions, they show great promise with the coming of spring. I'll be watching especially for the blooming of that red buddleia!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Rose .. I wanted to cry a bit when I look at my Hellebore and then see the gardeners with beautiful blooms and foliage .. but that is the nature of the beast here for weather .. soon ?? it is warm and we are due for rain .. so that wicked snow and ice will disappear one way or another !
I think it is good therapy for my Sophie to share with your Sophie .. now maybe you need an Emma ??? LOL

Hi Tina .. it made me CRINGE big time when I saw it .. I only have the one and I want more ! Yes !!! Bunny Beans have stuck in my head for years when we saw evidence of them in the garden .. it is just too darn cute .. go clean those cages girl ! LOL

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. I'm sorry I have fallen behind in my visits .. I'm getting over there as soon as I can .. remember I'm dealing with contractors .. some what like Daffy Duck .. where is that giant mallet again ????? haha
I know .. the earth is still frozen poor dear ; )

Hi Linda .. isn't it amazing what a thrill we get when we see plants peeking up at us with the last dregs of winter hanging tight ? .. we are due for rain as well, so I hope it washes lots of the snow away ... phew !!!

Hi Christine : )
Royal Red is a gorgeous one .. I also have Nanho Blue , that one has silver foliage and is also a beauty .. they smell amazing don't they ? I never get used to how wonderful things do get .. before the dreaded heat drives me inside again .. such a small allotment of time to enjoy the garden fully !