Friday, 20 March 2009

This Morning's Moon Meeting Dawn

First I will say the quality of these pictures is very questionable .. but I didn't even have one coffee yet so what the camera saw was what I thought I saw too .. well, almost as good as ?
I usually get up when it is very dark out still .. so the moon and I know each other in the morning .. very well !
I wanted to catch that soft glow because I was never going to get detail, not this morning !
Can you see the glow ?

Now the dawn is moving in .. no dramatic sky .. I haven't seen one in ages .. I guess there aren't enough of those particular particles in the atmosphere that have to be present for the "show" .. but still .. very pretty and sounding wonderful with bird call !

The "dig search" was done by the utility company today .. so the deck guys are in the clear .. but we are waiting for the shed guys to tear down, disassemble ? the old one .. hope they make it tomorrow .. we really REALLY want to get these missions accomplished before I let loose on the plant hunt (although it will be some time yet .. very COOL here still and snow is probably going to hit yet again, perhaps in the plural sense) .. but .. lots of sunshine is nice to see !


CherylR said...

Funny, I just happened to find your site this evening and was loving your pics of this morning because I took or tried to take the same pictures of the moon as you. I wander if there was something in the air. I have thoroughly enjoyed your site. Its wonderful!

Kathleen said...

You and I are opposites ~ the moon and I are very well acquainted late at night but never early in the AM's!! Happy Spring to you Joy. Hope it warms up soon and your shed guys get there. I know you're ready to go now...

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Wonderful photos! I can't believe you got up that early to see the dawn. That's special!

Hope your deck building, shed removal, sunshine days... all go well.


Anonymous said...

Your photos of the morning moon are lovely, Joy. :) It's my favourite time of day...except in the dead of winter, of course, when all I want to do is hibernate. :-)

Gail said...

I love the moon shots! I can never manage to get the moon to appear always has blurred lines. Good luck with the work...You will be glad we they come and celebrate when they leave! Gail

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Thanks for "mooning" us, haha! I don't know how ya'll take such great photos, they are beautiful.

heirloomgardener said...

That's beautiful...I've nver tried to catch the moon in photos, but you inspire me...

Giddy said...

Shhh! We don't mention the "S" word at this point. Yes, realistically we may get another one or two - or maybe not! One can only hope.

GardenJoy4Me said...

CherylR .. I just stopped by your blog and added yours to mine .. I want to make a separate listing for Canadian blogs : )
Funny how we were both trying for the same picture is right !!
Thank you so much for stopping by now I have another blog to follow in Ontario !

Hi Kathleen .. that is too funny about us being opposites girl ! .. good thing we have it all covered .. you at night and me in the morning .. hahaha
I am so ready girl for the shed guys to get that thing down .. and no sight of them today .. I am going to get fidgety ? if they don't stick to the schedule .. they don't want me to have a menopausal MOMENT !!! haha

Hi Cameron .. Thank you !
I'm a morning person for sure .. have been most of my life .. I love seeing the dawn and dusk really. Those hues of red, pink, orange .. I love them.
We had the dig search done by the utilities .. all clear .. but the shed guys haven't turned up yet ... arrgghhh !!!

Hi Nancy .. Thank you girl ! Winter makes me want to hibernate too .. and those long DARK mornings are hard on me too.
Now that we are moving slowly to Spring .. I'm happier : )

Hi Gail .. oh yes .. so glad to see them come .. get the work done and LEAVE me to my garden !! .. I get frustrated with the blurry pictures of the moon .. there is something missing in my technique .. and I have read the manual !!!! LOL

Nola ! mLOL .. I'll be mooning ya' lots this season .. many mornings that I get up in the summer there is a moon in the sky .. I love it !
Thanks so much girl !!

Hello there heirloomgardener (that is a mouthful ! LOL) .. Thank you !
I love your header of Ballerina rose .. I have no more room for roses but seeing that one every time I stop by .. well I love it : )

Giddy (I know how you feel about the "s" word) .. but I thought if I say it enough .. it might have the opposite affect and NOT show up to spite me ... what do you think ??? ! LOL

cindee said...

Very pretty moon pictures(-: The morning was cloudy here so nothing to see)-:

CherylR said...

THank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I am still working on it, but can never seem to find the time. LOL...We are not far from one another. I live in the rural area of Golden Lake, ON, 40 minutes SW of Pembroke/Petawawa. Right in the heart of the Ottawa Valley. Our zone is 4a but since we are beside the lake we are warmer and I am able to grow alot more things then our neighbors that are not so close. Or perhaps its just me!! Look forward to getting to know you and your blog.

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

What lovely photos.

I'm a morning person. It' s beautiful at that time of day.


Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Sounds like you've got lots of great projects going on, Joy!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cindee .. the weather is driving me crazy .. it is so nice and sunny but COLD .. those few days we had were such a fluke it spoiled us instantly ! LOL

Hi Cheryl .. I spent my teen years in Ottawa .. went to school there. Then we were posted twice to CFB Petawawa .. there is so much beautiful scenery in the area .. especially in Autumn : ) you must have seen by now I'm a Halloween freak ? LOL .. Yes ! that lake affect .. naughty and nice .. and I have been able to grow a few plants above my zone too (I think it is us ? LOL) : )

Hello there Rob ! yes! morning is special .. the light and sound build and you can almost know what kind of a day you will have ? LOL

Hi Brenda .. I have to get over to your place and see that it is almost finished by now ? I don't know how you did it with all that went on there girl .. I'm freaking out over outside projects, when you had so much on the inside going !