Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Congratulations Sue !

Well this morning I could have had a good cry, if I wasn't prepared to see the snow covering everything here right now. I have to say it does blanket the awful mess in the back garden where all hell broke loose and the deck guys are in limbo ? or they want to be ?
It worked its way from Fergus at Teza's Garden .. pictures of the crime were displayed ..
I saw them .. I mentally prepared myself ...
It still hit hard when I looked out there this morning and SAW it for real ..................... BIG sigh : (
On a happier note Sue from a Corner Garden won Jan's contest for the wonderful Hellebore book ! Congratulations Sue girl !! .. and Jan, that was a very generous give away too girl !
You have to say something positive in a post or have a HUGE chocolate stash .. since there is not such a stash here ... well .. there you go ....


Frances said...

Hi Joy, that was a sweet post. I am sorry for your snow cover, we only got a dusting here which is fairly usualy for spring trying to battle the winter away. Your mess in the back seems to be controlling your emotional health! I want to offer some words of support. Look away! Cover the windows! Find a good book, a comfy chair, a fuzzy blanket if you aren't up to physical activity. If you are up for some exercise, get out of the house if possible. Shut the mess out, one way or the other. Or just imagine how wonderful it will be when finished and the plantings you can have then. Maybe peruse some catalogs and make some (more!) wish lists with diagrams drawn of where the plants will go. Money is no object on paper! Life is perception. :-)

Frances said...

I completely forgot to tell you that I am using the old Canon powershot A720 IS, a point and shoot. It is all about the light for my photos, early morning and late afternoon are best. For white flowers, overcast works well too.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

No snow here, but a freeze hit us last night, hopefully the last one this spring! I'm exhausted from dragging plants in and out of the garage.

Cinj said...

How could we build up a chocolate stash when we need to eat all of that chocolate to cope with such huge amounts of snow? At least all of your snow was melted at one time. I'm still waiting for my front yard to melt off from winter! How long has it been spring now????

Anonymous said...

We're having torrential rain here today, Joy. I don't envy you the snow, but flooding is a huge concern in the Maritimes right now. I imagine a lot of communities would switch the rain for snow. :) I hope your back yard work soon resumes. :)

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Thanks for reminding me that I have to go out and buy a huge amount of chocolate as for some unknown reason I'm fresh out. ;-).

Hope the weather will be much better soon!

Gail said...

Joy, I wondered when I read Teza's post yesterday if you were in for it, too! I am sorry...soon it will be over for all of us! (We have more frost warnings tonight...I miss spring!) I know it is frustrating as all get out to wait and wait for all the stars to align and this project to really begin! Hang in there! let me add my congrats to Sue on winning the generous giveaway from Jan! gail

Anonymous said...

Well at least it's disguising the messy parts right? I'm just trying to keep your spirits up Joy, I know how frustrating contruction can be. Been there, done that.

cindee said...

Oh no! Well I guess its better then having it snow on the project after it got started! So now when the snow is gone and they get to work it can go without a problem! I will keep thinking positive for you(-:
I am glad Sue won the book. That is awesome!

Town Mouse said...

Oh my! Notice there aren't any comments? We're all speechless... Well, this too will pass.

Jill-O said...

I can relate. And sympathize. Just keep saying to yourself, "This is only temporary, This too shall pass."

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Frances .. you are too right girl ! I got out of the house and did some naughty buying (I'm posting next on that bit).. I was dreaming of tsunamis and climbing apartment buildings from the out side (I wonder what that means ??)
YES ! lighting is such a huge factor in our pictures .. makes all the difference when we get it just right ! Thanks for letting me know about the camera ! : )

Nola .. I can understand your frustration too ! dragging those pots in and out like that .. this is the longest WINTER I can remember !!!

Cinj .. I just restocked a bit today .. now I need a big mug of tea to feel just right ? LOL
I feel for you not having the very first snow from winter thaw out yet. This is a light snow but stuck to everything (almost pretty ! if it weren't April ?)That is why I never put a count down to Spring .. it is too risky to believe in it !!

Hi Nancy .. Flooding is an awful worry to go through .. I remember Truro would have a few dicey moments when we lived in Debert .. I just want some nice sunny warmish Spring weather .. PLEASE ?? LOL

Yolanda ! we were almost never out of chocolate when we lived in Holland !! LOL .. that is why I have this extra weight following me around I think ?? : )

Hi Gail .. YES ! That was nice that Sue won the book .. if it couldn't be me I mean ? LOL
I have some good news on my projects so I will post that as soon as I finish replies here .. You are very sweet girl, thank you !

Hi Racquel .. you are very nice to me , thank you girl ! I'm still jealous of you getting Little Honey hydrangea .. so I will be watching how it does in your garden ! .. if I haven't got it I will enjoy it in your garden ? LOL

Hi Cindee .. Yup ! You are right girl ... having snow part way through the project would be awful .. so it is better to get it over with now ! Yes : ) it was nice to see Sue get the book !

Town Mouse .. that was pretty funny girl ! Speechless , this crowd ? hahaha .. I have been out this morning so I haven't seen these until now .. there is usually a time lag with me ; )

Jill girl .. I keep saying it over and over .. maybe I'm supposed to close my eyes too ? LOL

Jill-O said...

Try closing your eyes and clicking your heels three times.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Jill ? are you talking from experience girl ? would I find those ruby shoes in your closet ?? LOL

garden girl said...

Poor Joy! I can imagine how frustrating it must be having your big project on hold. (thinking good thoughts, hoping the weather starts cooperating with the calendar!)

Hang in there!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Linda .. you are very sweet girl ! .. we are having clear weather now .. but it is a holiday weekend .. go figure ? I have still to see the plans they drew out ? go figure again ? Is my luck really this bad or is some one sticking pins in a voodoo doll !!!

Sue said...

Hi Joy,
We have our grandson today, and he is not feeling well. I've been back and forth catching up on your posts in the moments he's either sleeping or playing.

I can relate to your pains of waiting on workers and projects to get done, and the whole getting permits thing. We were going to have our shed torn down and a new one built, but since we're on a corner lot, we were not allowed to, because it's sticking out to far on the lot, and not even with the homes on the side of the street it's on. It was hard to get people out just to give estimates, and we finally got a good guy to take the sides down and rebuild, but he didn't come every day, and took awhile to get it done. He also stepped on the few plants I had pointed out to him.

I'll be posting on our porch problems at some point. We're in the process of getting estimates for repairing the steps, but people want to take down the whole porch. :o( Also, our street and possibly curb are due to be repaired soon. This will be my year of moving plants around. So, you may have someone joining your whining.

Thanks for congratulating me and giving a link to my blog.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Sue ! You are more than welcome girl ! .. I'm sorry you have such awful issues with contractors too .. it is enough to drive us all insane when this happens .. of course the good weather comes with the long weekend and of course why would I expect to see any action happening now because of it ?
I hope all of our contractors come back as clients for KARMA sake ! LOL .. Good luck with your list of to do !!