Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Door is Coming !!!!!!

Well ... I will post with pictures today or tomorrow but I thought I better post something positive finally (beyond sun rises and flowers ?).
Aaben Windows the company we bought the new deck door called supper time last night and said they had a free afternoon today , can they come over to play ? In other words they can install the new deck door in one afternoon. So husband EMPHASIZED there is NO DECK to stand on from the outside ..
The company said NO PROBLEM it will all be done on the inside (minus the cute plates on wall, blinds, and anything that might fall with some hammering etc ..) and of course kitties in snug bedroom to keep their anxiety low !!
Time line before was into June because the company was so busy .. time line pre contact to any of the companies that were contracted, was the thought, the door would be the first to be done !!
Now ain't THAT too funny to believe ?
Fingers crossed nothing ridiculous will happen and that project will finally be crossed off ??????????????????????????????
Does this mean the rest of them will follow because FATE is sick and tired of hearing me whine and complain ? Stay tuned to "Joy's Angst" or "how to drive your husband CRAZY in 3 easy steps" ; )


Frances said...

Hi Joy, I am so happy for you! Yes, this is a good sign of things to come. It so seldom happens that workmen can arrive before schedule, as you well know. It will be grand!

tina said...

Have fun with the door today.

our friend Ben said...

Great news, Joy! And not to encourage you to hoard potential junk or anything, but if you have somewhere to put them, you might consider keeping your current deck doors. We used those sliding glass doors as the long window wall on one side of our greenhouse, and they'd make great coldframe tops, too. Just a thought! Say hi to your girls from me and Mr. Linoose!

CiNdEe said...

Yahoo finally a positive thing to look forward to! That will be fun to have that to look out at least right?(-: I bet you are beside yourself with happiness(-: Hope the kitties are going to be o.k.

Bren said...

Can't wait to see tomorrows blog.
Enjoy this day in your garden.

Gail said...

Good news at last! Wonderful...can't wait to see them and I know the deck will be in before long. I think I found the perfect spot for my new baby Tiger Eye Sumac....thanks Joy for inspiring me to get him! gail

Laura said...

I laughed out loud at the "How to drive your husband crazy" comment! Luckily no one is in the office with me right now (I'm at work).

Anonymous said...

Well that's good news, something you can check off your list. Hope the rest of the stuff follows suit. :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Frances .. they are here as I type .. but when it rains it pours .. so are the deck guys busy drilling the holes for the cement footings .. good grief I could use a DRINK ?? LOL Champagne all round bartender !

Tina .. having fun is not an option girl .. it is worry worry worry all the way ? LOL

"ben" .. I love your idea but we just don't have the room .. I would love a cold frame box .. a GREENHOUSE would be so wonderful .. but living in the city means low to no storage and disposal is a huge concern so the company takes off (eh!) with the old glass doors .. the girls are very nervous but safe and sound in my bedroom .. they say hellllooo ! to all the fury and feathered friends : )

Cindee .. thank you girl ! my furry girls are in the bedroom safe and sound .. albeit a little up in arms with the noise factor.
This is amazing that two companies had to come at once. the place is jumping !

Bren if I could get in my garden I think I would just STAY there ! haha .. but tomorrow I'm hoping to start unearthing the project of the shared ally way .. fingers crossed !

Gail I just know you will love "him" I am eyeing one myself .. but there is so much going on I need a cool head to make sure I know what is going where and if I can get the landscaping with the paths done too ! .. I'm so tired already from all the activity ; )

Laura ! you go girl ! laughing is such a good medication to use on a regular basis .. god knows we need it here with all that has gone on .. I can be hired for driving everyone else's husband QUICKLY too, at bargain pricing !!

Racquel .. things seem to finally be moving forward .. at such a crucial time I would be so busy in the garden .. this year is not according to plan at all, but we are trying to hang on here : )

Aerie-el said...

New door! Ahead of schedule, what exciting news!
Construction can be so hard on critters (of all types-LOL).
Hope it all goes smoothly - no stress.

Water Roots said...

Har har har...Joy, you are hilarious. I'm afraid that you can never go really, really crazy with that wonderful sense of humour. All those little endorphins dancing around your brain when you ignite your sense of humour and have a good laugh undo the ready-to-lose-it status. So we’re all pretty confident that you’ll stay sane for a long time to come…LOL…

Anyhow, I’m really happy that things are starting to move forward for you, even a small step. Can’t wait to see the results!

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard: the magazine Money Sense listed the ten best cities to live in, in Canada. And guess what? Kingston took spot number three! Pretty cool, huh?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Aerie-el..girl do you know how many times I have to go back to spell your name correctly !!! You would laugh .. yes we get freaked out so fast over a disruption in our routine it is nuts .. but things are finally progressing : )

Martha !! how is the time going for you ? .. I know you are excited about Kingston .. but try and take it slowly girl .. we are all getting older and boy talk about getting on our last nerve ? LOL .. The new door is in but we have to paint the trim (I haven't painted the baseboards yet from the last reno .. because they were prepainted white so I thought I could get away with it for a while ?) .. sounds terrible eeuuwww ! I am trying to take pictures but the door is pretty much a sliding glass door ? LOL
My garden is really getting BAD .. I'm trying not to let it get to me .. but jeez ; )