Thursday, 9 April 2009

Seed Socks and Sunrises

I'm not going to be long winded and boring on here for a change ? Long day and it started very early this morning .. but I got to see the sunrise so that is a nice way to start your day right ?
We had no idea about these nifty inventions .. how cute is that to say you hung your socks out for the birds .. they seem to have taken to it so well one sock is just about finished now. No worries though, we have lots to spoil them with.
They need some spoiling after additional snow fell the past two days .. talk about being confused ? The poor Robinator was sort of 'Chicken Little" ... the sky IS falling you guys !!
A jet was drawing a streak in the sky for me also this morning .. now wasn't that nice of the pilot ?

It almost looks like the sky is on fire some mornings.

OK .. I confess .. I needed a little more mood enhancement so you have to know I did something about it ?
I really love the "Morden" series .. tough as boots and beautiful .. being on their own root stock makes it so !

Tell me how could you NOT love this rose ? .. now to find a home for it is the scary part ; )


WiseAcre said...

Those stockings are cool. I should get a pair of them for my wife.

Glad you got some great pics of the sunrise. I'd never get to see the sun rise since getting up that early is against my religion.

We do suffer from the same plight - buying plants then wondering where to put them. It always seems to work out though.

our friend Ben said...

Look at that! Yoour goldfinches actually use your sock feeders! ours wouldn't touch 'em. Oh, well. Yes, the Mordens are lovely. And I was up before dawn this morning and got to see an incredible yellow full moon hovering over the farmstead behind us! It made me think of you and wish that you and your camera were down here capturing it for us.

Anonymous said...

Aren't those socks great?! I've noticed more of the yellow finches in my garden since I hung mine. You are going to have a lot of planting to do Joy with all the goodies you've been picking up lately. ;)

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I saw you post title and thought we might be in for another sock situation. I think even Our Friend Ben will like those socks.

Kerri said...

Goodness Joy, you sure know how to get out of a funk :) That's a beauty and will add lovely color to your garden.
The goldfinches are looking a bit scruffy here with their new yellow jackets beginning to grow in.
They really love those socks!
Happy Easter dear Joy! keep smiling :)

Bren said...

FIRST OFF ... EMMA kitty is adorable! Second.... HOW DO YOU LIKE that sock bird feeder? I was thinking about adding one of those to our garden area for the birds.

I LOVE THE NEW ROSE and can't wait to see where you decided to put it.

Happy Spring!

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Oh, I'm sure you'll find a wonderful place for that gorgeous rose! And the sock- where in the world did you find that. Hmmm...maybe I have some fishnet stocking still in my drawer!

cindee said...

I have more fun watching those little gold finches! The socks are fun and easy to fill. We have a steady stream of birds at ours. Some socks are better then others too. I found the best one at Tractor Supply. Its a double thickness and the seeds can't fall through it like the thinner socks. The sunrise picture looks beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!!! We are FINALLY getting some rain. Not much but some is better then none right?!!!!!

Nat said...

Oh, so many goldfinches! I am so jealous! They don't stick around very long here, they just kind of pass through for a few weeks.

Aiyana said...

Beautiful sunrise photos! Sunrises are something I don't see often as I HATE to get up early. I try to never miss a sunset though. We have such beautiful ones here--a sure sign of dust pollution from the dryness. Those litte sock bird feeders are cleaver. Since I see only Mourning doves and sparrows around here, I don't think I'll try them. I don't need even more of them hanging around!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Dear Mr. WiseA**
I don't think she would go for all the birds hanging off her legs ? LOL .. Funny about how intense we are as gardeners yet the difference in morning people and NONE morning people ?? ; )
I can't seem to stop buying plants and I haven't even gone through the garden centers YET !!!!!
I'm very very scared about this HABIT getting out of control..Yikes

"ben" we had an amazing moon the night before but the clouds made it so fuzzy I couldn't get a shot of it .. but it would have been a great Halloween moon !!
Yes !! our Goldfinches know our garden is mainly for them ? haha
The socks .. a box of 4 and they are packed full of Niger seed which works out much better than buying the seed on its own .. but .. we do buy a good mix of wild finch seed for the other feeder .. they are spoiled ! : )
I am a soft touch for Mordens !

Racquel .. I'm so stressed with the deck STILL being there instead of being torn out and starting the new one .. I have to do something and buying plants makes me feel better ? Yes .. planting will be in full gear girl ! haha

Debbie .. I really wondered too if a sock war would be declared again .. kind of an edgy post ? LOL
Yes .."ben" likes the socks .. haha : )

Hey Kerrie Happy Easter to you as well girl !
Do you know I didn't see the mottled colour happening with the finches until I down loaded the pictures ! .. wow ! I had no idea it looked like that ! .. I'm glad we have the extra seed to help them through it all : )

Hi Bren Happy Spring too girl ! Emma loves having the fan club, thank you ! haha
The sock feeder is working wonderfully .. large birds can't be bothered trying to use them so the finches are left alone .. they need that TLC the way this weather has been behaving ! : )
I think this rose will be going out front .. I haven't got one there like this yet .. hoping for just the perfect spot !

Tessa .. those fishnets .. too funny .. pour the seed in and see the seed pour out ? haha
We actually found them in Wal-Mart and a great price for a box of 4 .. $16 , Niger seed is so expensive but this worked out much better .. they love it too !

Hi Cindee .. Thank you girl ! It was a pretty one that morning : )We love watching them too .. that colour when it is in full force is amazing !
These socks are really well made .. hold the seed with no problem of spilling and just right for the birds to peck out some seed .. we didn't know these existed !! .. I have to find the perfect spot for this beauty !

Hi Nat .. you could be on their flight path to a final location .. that might be why they don't stick around ? .. these guys stay for the summer way into Autumn .. great for the garden : ) they eat little bugs bothering my plants?LOL

Hello Aiyana .. I'll to the sunrises and you do the sunsets ? LOL .. Sunsets here are hidden by hills and houses so I can't get good ones .. we have Morning Doves too and we also love having them : ) quiet gentle birds !

Rose said...

Amazing photos of the sky, Joy! I hope the lack of few clouds means you won't be having any more snow. I think you've had more than your fair share:)

I've never tried the feeder socks before, but your finches sure seem to like them. Do you refill them? They seem easier than the feeder I have now, which of course is empty...and I wonder why I'm not seeing any goldfinches:)

Now just where will you put that new rose??

Have a Happy Easter!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

You took some great photos! The little birds really seem to be enjoying their breakfast. Happy Easter to you and yours!

Gail said...

You were up early! I love your sunrise shots. Your unobstructed view is wonderful. No sunrise shots here....the trees block the view and then it got a little cloudy...when I took a walk around the garden I could hear thunder rumbling. Love the feeders.

I am off to visit a nursery today...I don't care if it's raining. Have a delicious chocolate filled weekend. gail

Barbee' said...

Joy, this is a comment about your photo in the sidebar: "some days your tongue just gets stuck on your nose". I think that is the cutest thing, and it never fails to tickle my funny bone. I look for it every time I visit!

Andrea's Garden said...

What a beautiful rose! your sunrise pictures are beautiful. We have the nicest spring now after lots of snow late in the winter. Have a nice Easter! andrea

Carrie said...

Ah, the old problem for finding somewhere to plant the plants you just have to have. Gorgeous Rose, we have just planted our very 1st one at the Lottie, a climber that we hope to train up trellis and over to the shed ~ a wee secret area. Fingers crossed. The timber work started today.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Rose .. the sock feeders are wonderful ! I don't think we have seen them before because I know we would have used them. They are very strong even in bad weather and you can feel them up again .. the hold only the Niger seed, we haven't tried putting other seed in them.
We have clear weather for a few days forecasted .. it will only rain when the deck might be worked on of course ???
Ah yes ! where will I put this rose Rose ??? haha

Hi Nola ! Thank you and Happy Easter to you and may you have as much chocolate as you need girl ! haha .. It is so nice to see these little guys feeding .. they sing like canaries !

Gail .. it would be so fun to go with you on a plant hunt to the nurseries girl ! Make sure you post on what you have found there ? And have all the chocolate you want girl : )

Barbee girl ! .. I'm glad you have a giggle when you see that .. it still makes me laugh too .. a picture just at the right time to catch them at it ! : )

Hello Andrea : ) We may be out of the snow belt now .. I sure hope so because if I don't see some work done on the deck soon .. I may lose IT !! aaarrggh !
Happy Easter back at you girl !

Carrie ! I love the idea of a little secrete garden within a garden (I wish mine was totally enclosed with plants myself !
What rose did you get ?? I have to get over there and see what yo are up to ! : )

Patsi (Garden Endeavors) said...

Where have the birds been all winter? Nice to see you have many backyard friends.

Anonymous said...

Good thing they didn't call it Mordor Ruby, that might have been too "precious".

Kathleen said...

I'm going to have to break down and buy some of those socks. I really like the gold finches but not the socks. I have to get over that. Why can't they make them in other colors ~ like green or brown??!!! The sparrows have been chasing the gold finches off my regular thistle feeder here so maybe it's time to break down...

PS I know a spot will show up for that beautiful rose. I've been eyeing a David Austin rose but wondering the same thing (where to put it).

Phillip said...

Beautiful sunrise photos! I love those little finches. I've used those sock feeders and they are great.

GardenJoy4Me said...

HI Patsi .. That is the question I ask myself every winter too ! where they heck are those little guys ? .. we are glad to have a gaggle of them here now though ! : )

Knittnkitten ! you made a joke ! snort giggle giggle ; )

Kathleen .. I know what you mean about the colour of the socks .. I got over it when I saw how much they love them .. we still have the wildfinche feeder going beside it now (I better take a picture of that too) .. but yes ! they could have asked us what colour we thought would be best ? haha
It is the "rose time" of the year .. buying and wondering where the heck we will put them !!!

Hi there Phillip .. we haven't used them or have ever seen them before this year .. they are really great : )

bughunter99 said...

I saw my first goldfinch of the season today just this morning. They are such cheery little birds aren't they? I've faved your blog. It's really great! Keep it coming.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Well hello there bughunter ! .. I stopped by your space and left a thank you for the fav ! thank you again ! LOL .. YES ! we love those crazy little birds .. that screaming yellow really gets your attention doesn't it ? : )

Sue said...

I read some of these posts the other day, and thought I'd left comments on some, but can't find what I wrote, if I indeed did write. Sometimes I read posts at work, where I don't always get comments written. I love your sock feeders!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Sue .. I was down for the count yesterday .. my back went out and it was a bad day .. had to stay in bed and when you want to do things in the garden it kills you ? LOL
Hey .. I do that too .. read posts and think I left comments and where the heck are they ? still in my mind !! hahaha