Saturday, 25 April 2009

True Garden Day .... OUCH Day/Night ?

The only pictures I have of today is the sunrise around 6 AM.
After I jumped into gear this morning I could not stop until I had my "Baby Boy" serviceberry tucked into it's new home (triple mix soil and bone meal to make it happy) .. got one of the Quickfire hydrangea in (front garden .. that is what counts first right ? what people see first .. aside for the fact that the back is such a mess I don't even want to talk about it any more .. BIG sigh ).
I cleaned up more leaf litter and my Robinator was so happy to move into the areas I managed to scrape up .. worms a plenty and a few bugs I'm sure ! .. it seemed he trusted me completely .. I love the way he looks at me in that way ..
So .. tomorrow ... well there are a lot of factors that will dictate what happens .. number one being "can I get out of bed with all the aches and pains ?"
I don't mind so much .. because when you have a good garden day .. well, you keep smiling inside (I keep checking on Baby Boy to make sure he is still in his spot .. whats up with that eh ? : )


WiseAcre said...

Someday you'll miss the sun rise and the world as we know it will go dark.

What can I say? Birds of a feather stick together? You look like a big fat juicy worm?

Keep checking, I hear tell serviceberry often goes out on calls.

Hope you don't feel like me tomorrow. You may not get out of bed.

CiNdEe said...

Well it sounds like you had a great day in the garden(-: I worked outside all day too.(-: SO much to do and so little time(-: Now I am going to sit and relax!!

Gail said...

Hey there! So glad you had a good long day in the garden! Sometimes I take ibuprofin before i head out to the garden...I also have a yoga mat that I using to rest my back when I am out there! it's a good time to look at the sky through the is so darned hot here in the hi 80s! yes, I am whining about it! Beautiful sunrise, btw! gail

Outside In said...

You are just like me -an early bird!
nice sunrise photo.

Rose said...

Joy, I think I've missed several of your have blooms in your garden! Hooray! And you're planting in the garden as well. I worked outside a good part of the day, and recuperated on the couch in between:) We'll see if I can even move tomorrow, LOL. The forecast here is for rain all week, just when it's finally warm enough to get in the garden!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Dear Mr. WiseA**
It frightens you that I might not make a sunrise (scary stuff eh ??)
Thanks for the descriptive input btw ????
I can't help but keep admiring Baby Boy .. he is so darn CUTE !
I'm out of bed .. but how long .. hum ? .. who knows ? .. I know at this moment and time you are NOT out of bed !!! : )

Cindee ! that is exactly how I feel too ! .. so much to do .. then the rain starts and I have to wait yet again .. I so wish things were done and it was simple maintenance ?? LOL

Gail girl !! in the 80s there .. no wonder plants melt in your neck of the woods ! .. I have meds to cut the pain when I really get into trouble and when I can get my yoga stretching in that helps too.
But honestly .. last evening I fell into bed face first and couldn't move .. just had to lay there and watch a stupid movie that Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull .. what a FLOP !LOL like me ?

Hi Cathy .. thank you girl ! glad to hear from another early riser : )

Rose girl .. isn't that frustrating ? for me with the garden and the darn deck and shed issues .. but I was so glad to get the tree and one of the hydrangea in .. and putter with small clean up details .. it is so satisfying but OH the ACHES ? LOL

Cinj said...

I'm taking today off to after several busy days in the garden. Thankfully I'm not too sore today, but my back sure hurt by the time I was done with all that work.

I used to watch the sunrise too, but I can't see it through all these trees.

tina said...

Keep having great days Joy! Life is grand with this marvelous spring weather.

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

You definitely get out early! I need 1-2 cups of coffee first, so it's usually after 7:00 am before I'm outside to stay (I take Charm out then return for coffee).


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cinj .. my back and a few other parts are aching today .. we all should form the OUCH ! club during this time .. I love the sunrise and I'm lucky to be on the higher level to catch such good pictures : )

Tina .. there is nothing like that satisfaction of a good garden day is there ? : )

Cameron .. I'm not outside that early .. I'm hanging out the deck door in my pajamas ! haha .. I was going to ask about Charm : ) She must be happy with the better weather too !

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I got up at 6ish, took allergy meds went back to bed until 4pm then got up till 11pm, this morning I got up at 9am. I'm figuring the allergies are stress related thus we have much sleep.
Hope you feel better soon.

Best wishes K***

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there knittnkitten .. Thank you ! : )
You are so right about stress related smacks to the body .. I cleaned house yesterday and afterwards felt like I was hit by a huge nasty truck .. I'm still sore from gardening on Saturday too ; (
The best thing is rest .. go to bed when you can girl and I hope you feel better soon too !