Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Moon, The Sun ..The Promise

This is my first Spring morning moon shot .. a bit grainy but it was beautiful to see at one end of the sky while at the opposite end the sun was rising .. so quiet and peaceful .. just beautiful : )
I don't know what I will do if the neighbors ever take this wonderful pine tree down .. it is a perfect front ? drop, contrast for the sun rising.
We actually had a fair layer of frost on the roof this morning .. it is a late hit at this time of year .
I will have to work on my green walls this year .. the privacy is a must. BUT .. I just had to take this picture to show that warm morning glow on the wood of the new deck.
Our French Lilac is loaded with buds .. talk about promise from this gorgeous little tree : )
"Jack's bed looks a bit bare .. but some a few more weeks it will be loaded with lots of foliage and the promise of beautiful flowers.
A tiny gem smiled at me while I took its picture .. how sweet is that ?
This is the "lots of work" spot .. after the pressure wash .. the rain barrel has to be set up again .. then I have to coax the Engelmann Ivy into forgiving the abuse it suffered by the deck crew .. and perhaps some nice shrubs to keep it company and cheer it up ? Heaven knows I can't wait for the shed /play house to finally be here as well .. garden tool storage yippeeeeee !
I think that is what keeps us driven as gardeners .. we know there is such potential and promise to our hard work .. our thoughts on how to create an even better green space full of life and colour .. I have to say this is especially true for us northern gardeners .. all of us in the north of the world that experience such long dismal winters .. waiting and planning constantly ?
That promise, keeps us folded and protected in its hand and gets us through the winter : )

P.S. I try to soak in all of this happy Spring post ... and try to ignore that blasted basketball bouncing off the pavement in the neighborhood .. can't they put a muffler or shocks on that blooming THING !!!??? haha


Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Your deck and tool shed is perfecto !
So happy to see it done...really cool.
Not to mention all the wonderful plants your showing

Anonymous said...

Nice moon shot Joy. Glad you are feeling peppy again with the deck completed and other projects to anticipate. :) Your Lilac looks very promising...:)

Gail said...

Beautiful morning lunar shot! Just lovely...Joy, frost did you say? You do have long winters. Summer is sort of here in Nashville, at least the mosquitoes and humidity have arrived. We are having a wetter spring then we've had in years....I need a dozen rain barrels to capture the water!

We don't have any basketball playing teens living here or next door...but our neighbor is totally in love with the weed eater and trims everything 2 times a week! Very annoying. Gail

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Your new deck looks great!

I took a photo of the moon while in Paris and I thought of your blog photos! It took me so many tries to get a decent shot since I couldn't take my tripod with me to hold the camera steady.


Robin's Nesting Place said...

I know what you mean about the basketball. We live right behind our neighborhood playground and basketball court; it can get loud and annoying.
Beautiful moon shot.

Helen said...

Too right about those long, cold, lonely winters! This year especially. What a relief to have spring.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Muffled basketball playing coming soon on an Olympics near you!

Love that new deck of yours, wish I could come and sit there for a spell with you.

It's good to see that your garden has come alive and that it's such a joy4you.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Patsi ! (True Blood starts June 14th for us !) .. Thank you girl but the shed/playhouse isn't up yet .. is that for the future tense ? LOL
My garden is bursting forth .. and so will the bad bugs soon so it will be patrol time soon ! haha

Hello again Racquel .. thank you girl ! .. I have this lilac in pretty good shape but my Madame LeMoine is scary .. working by the rule of thumb 1/3 cut out this year I am hoping to invigorate it for the next 2 years .. patience is not a quality I posses for this type of wait and see project .. yikes !

Thanks Gail ! .. eeeuuuuw ! humidity and mosquitoes .. horrible things to deal with girl .. we will drift into that eventually too so you will have company ! haha
It is raining today and I am missing out on my rain barrel as of yet.
Oh my ... the addicted weed wack syndrome .. that can be as annoying as the basket ball one so you have my sympathy on that girl ! LOL

Cameron ! hey thank you girl for the thoughts .. it can be so frustrating trying to get the best shot .. if only we had a digital camera when we lived in Europe .. my trip to Paris was great but truthfully ? .. The Eiffel Tower was much smaller than I expected .. but over all the city was amazing !! : )

Hello there Robin (another one in the club ! haha) . Thank you girl !

Hi Helen .. This past winter was so LONG .. I don't know why .. maybe just dragged out forever the past couple of months more so than usual ? .. phew that it is gone ? : )

Yolanda ! I am giggling over the humour girl .. good one !
Now wouldn't that be something .. you sitting on the deck (wine in hand) and us laughing like kids (I think we both have that type of comedic outlook ? haha)
Play on words perfecto : ) thanks girl !

Water Roots said...

Wow Joy! I'm so happy for you. I dropped in to check up on your news and found out that things are coming along wonderfully! A beautiful deck is up AND you have time to garden! WOO HOO! Looks like the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. Now all you need is that adorable shed...:)

I'll be in touch with an email soon to share my busy-like-crazy news!

Jamie and Randy said...

Did you savour a cup of hot chocolate on your new deck this morning?--Randy

Giddy said...

I know what you mean about lonnnnggg winters, Joy.

My bad habit is I'm reluctant to cut plants back for shorter/fuller look because I'm so grateful to see anything green after winter is over. Needless to say, many of my plants tend to flop later in the summer.

gittan said...

Did you really take that moon-picture yourself?
I like your new deck, it sure looks great! And I truely understand that you want some greenwall-privacy there. I'm working on that to in my garden! Our deck have to wait until next spring I think. The house will have new roof in september and the brickwalls neads to get new mortar in the joints(?)Then we're abel to build a deck =) There's always something to dream of and long for isn't there / gittan

our friend Ben said...

Your deck looks HUGE in that shot, Joy!!! Lots of room for container plants and gargoyles and hummingbird feeders and just sitting out relaxing with a glass of wine or a cup of tea or hot chocolate!

Rusty in Miami said...

I know what you mean about the garden shed, seen I got one I don’t loose that many tools any more

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hellllooo Martha !
Please don't worry about e-mail girl .. I know you are really busy ! .. But yes ! at least the deck is almost finished .. the hitch is the city inspector found the first step too short by 1/2 an inch .. can you believe that ? I swear he has something against this company .. what a mean so and so ! We are really hoping to have the shed up next week .. but a base has to be built first .. then erect the shed .. heaven knows what will go wrong .. we are a magnet for trouble ? LOL
The saga continues !!

Dear Randy ... if it wasn't for the hurricane like weather out there today .. that would have been a number one possibility ? LOL

Giddy Girl .. that can happen to me too .. winter almost drives us crazy right ?
BUT .. come June I get ready to do the pinching back thing .. golden rod, asters, mums, sedums .. I just know it is for the common good to get this down so I grit my teeth and do it .. then I go lay down for a while ??? LOL

Yes gittan !! I did take this picture .. I have an Olympus SP-590UZ with 26 x optical zoom .. it was a treat to buy this new camera a month or so ago and it zooms in wonderfully !
You are so right about the dream of something else to build or plant in the garden .. I really crave privacy .. no one wants to see me in my pajamas girl ! LOL
Good luck with your renovations too ! : )

Thank you "ben' .. having the new shed will make it all look a little different once it is up .. but for the good I think .. and YES ! lots of pots for lots of life with the plants and butterflies and birds !! : )

Hello there Rusty ! .. YES !! I can't wait to have my garden equipment and potting table again .. I have lost my pruners and hand spade so many times in this mess, it is embarrassing to have husband looking for them too ! LOL