Thursday, 4 June 2009

Fabulous Foliage of June

These pictures were taken a few days ago .. it is a busy time in my garden with lots to do, so pictures and postings have a few gaps in them. Even now the plants have grown more and I have been trying the whip and chair thing out more and more : )
This shared space is coming along but I have much more to do before it is coming up to par for what I want it to look like. The ostrich ferns have been doing their thing very well .. The Halcyon hosta roots have been peeking up through the mulch .. slowly but surely it is coming together.
The Tiger Eye Sumac is even much prettier in person .. I am a hard core Sumac fan but this is a new one for me that I could not resist, especially when Gail from Clay and Limestone has one in her garden now too !
The front garden always looks its best in June for the foliage .. I took these pictures before I cut back the non essential flowers from the heuchera, tiarella and heucherella .. I also have to admit to doing it to the hosta. I am more for foliage of these beautiful plants, the flowers can be distracting, but that is just my take on them. I have hydrangea and other late summer, early Autumn, plants that grace this area with amazing flowers to see. Quick Fire is a new one in the garden so I am anxious to see how well it does !
Although I fear I have lost my Pamina anemone .. there seems to be no sign of life from her.

My Ghost fern is a beauty right now .. no stress from our hot, humid and yet dry summers we can suffer through .. so far so good !
Lastly a shot of Golden Spirit smoke bush .. also coming along very well. Royal Purple had a lot of die back so it is starting out a little more timid than this beauty .. but it will catch up : )


Helen said...

We're so fortunate to be living in the age when hybridizers started to pay attention to the foliage as well as the flowers. Think how many new and splendid foliage plants we have to choose from for pretty pictures in three seasons! The flowers are almost a bonus. Yours look very perky and lush.

Gail said...

Joy, It all looks luscious! Fantastic color combinations...just so delicious! The Tiger's Eye is spectacular! I still have mine in a big container...and think it needs a gorgeous Nine bark to dance with or a Smoke Bush that I would keep shorter! Ideas?

I think your June foliage is the best...and if I didn't count on some color from the heuchera I would cut off the flowers, too! I like the feathery stuff above the sea of green Susans! It helps!

I wish you could have seen some of the giant hosta specimens we saw in Chicago! More than that I wish I could have seen you!

Thanks for the lovelink! gail

Cinj said...

I love that ghost fern, I've never seen anything quite like it. I'm moving my shade garden after everything's done flowering. It will be a lot of work, but will be nice to enjoy from my new deck.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Oh, your yard is so lush and green. It looks like a tropical getaway, I had to remind myself you are far from the tropics. I really like that ghost fern.

CiNdEe said...

Beautiful foliage! I love the ghost fern and hopefully mine survives! I am affraid it will get to hot outside. It is still in the house(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Helen .. Thank you girl ! .. You are so right about that ! "They" finally get it about foliage : ) I am always on the look out for new cultivars and hybrids of these gorgeous plants.
Something that can always be a little different ? : )

Gail girl ! thank you so much : )
I think the foil of a ninebark or smoke bush would be fantastic ! I haven't actually done that here because this area gets afternoon shade and I have been thinking lots of gold colour .. but perhaps a few tweaks with small dark plants will be the final touches when I finish with the rock landscaping .. more to do with that one .. phew !
I wish I could have seen those magnificient plants too girl ! : )
You are very welcome !

Hello there Cinj ! .. If you get a chance to get the ghost fern do it girl ! I think it would be fine with your grow zone.
I know what you mean about "work" with the garden .. this has been one heavy duty year so far. But is does pay off and you will enjoy it !

Hi Nola ! Thank you girl ! .. We have very intense seasons .. our climate is very menopausal at times but once in a while we squeak by with some gorgeous plants in the garden .. then mother nature catches up with us ? haha .. tropics, hum ? LOL

Cindee girl ! the boys say hi to you : ) Hey, if that fern is doing well in the house, why not keep it there ? .. it is probably dreading going out in the garden ? LOL
What ever works for ya' girl, go with it !

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness, your front garden foliage photos are amazing I love them. The colours are fabulous. Our gardens are a reall shame now we've turned allotmenteers, buw wow, I don't think it could look that good anyway (unless you want to come over and design it for us). The next time we move house (fingers crossed - soon!!) I think i'll just totally copy yours, hehe

tina said...

I simply love how nice and neat your garden is and how well all the plants go together. Looking great for sure!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi There Carrie !
Girl .. it has taken me a while to get to this point ..being in the military we moved constantly. This is our first and probably only home of our own and we love it : )
I'm trying different plants out every year but my front garden seems to be happy the way it is ? LOL .. hey, you can copy all you want ! imitation is a form of flattery ? LOL : )

Tina girl : ) Thank you so much ! It isn't like this all the time, so I make sure to try and catch it while it is behaving ? haha

Anonymous said...

Your foliage combinations look great Joy. I agree that some plants I grow for the colorful foliage only, like Heucera & Hostas. That golden Smokebush is fab! ;)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Racquel !
Thank you girl ! Some times I feel a bit guilty for cutting off those flower stalks but it is really the foliage that I am aiming for .. glad for the company with that one : )
I really love smoke bush and this one with Royal Purple are my absolute favorites !