Friday, 10 July 2009

Hodge Podge Friday ... strikes again ?

Today started out VERY early with such great sunshine shouting at me to get up .. 5:45 AM .. I'm thinking I really have to put the shade down at night so I can get more sleep ?
But hey ... it was all good ... it was going to be a garden day and I like getting an early start.
So this is my story and I'm sticking to it ?
First .. yet again taking pictures in questionable night attire .. but the neighbors quickly avert their eyes if they are looking out .. and most of them are NOT at that time of the morning so it is a pretty safe bet for me.
It was so fresh I had to snap this shot of a dew drop from the lilac tree .. it starts out so fresh and cool .. it makes me think of .... yes ... you know what I am going to say ... AUTUMN !!!!
The sun is rising fast and washing a bit of colour out as it does, but you can see what Winthrop is seeing .. the garden is quiet and green .. I hear the colour of it .. I know that sounds strange but when you know your garden , well strange things happen .. you feel when it is satisfied and when it is thirsty .. it is almost thirsty and thankfully , rain is supposed to happen tomorrow .. how great is that timing ?
The horns of my Sumac are beginning to ripen .. they take on a pinkish colour from the lime green they start out with .. it always seems magical to me no matter how many times I have seen the process.
So many horns this year .. all waiting for October ?
See the difference between the colour and structure ? .. the "fruit" beads get larger and redder as they ripen from the little lime green spikes.

I have to admit I did tuck more "kids" in the garden .. the Cityline hydrangea "Paris" and "Vienna" I love that they are compact dwarf ones and I really hope they work out where I put them. I finally succumbed to Creeping Jacob's Ladder "Stairway to Heaven" .. a huge pot for $7 ! .. Masterwort, astrantia major "Rubra" ...and some good reliable blue flag iris to keep the by each clump of Karl's grass on either side of my "playhouse" door .. I tried to do some regular garden upkeep but phew ! .. too hot and sunny .. I can't wait for AUTUMN ???

How could I have Hodge Podge Friday without Dave and the "Boys in the 'hood" ?

Mista "G" is doing very well Cindee .. especially with how hot it was today .. so don't worry about him .. he is fine : )


Gail said...

We need rain, too, Joy...I could water all day and the plants won't look as happy as they do after a rain..I know I've said that before, but it is so darned true! Has TES begun to put up horns? I don't see any with mine, it may be too young.

I was looking at photos from last was a golden time!

Have a good weekend~~gail

tina said...

The sumacs here are also ripening. I am loving them. The fruits are so good for the wildlife. Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi~~ I bought H. 'City Line Paris' last summer during my quest for red hydrangeas. So far it's a dark pink but I love pink. Hopefully it will age to red. If not I'll be happy with pink.

I'm an early riser too. Not quite 5:45. More like 6:30 in the summer. In the winter when the sun is shrouded by boring clouds I could sleep all day. :)

I'm with you. I love early mornings in the garden. Evenings are a close second.

I will ignore those comments about autumn. LOL.

Roses and stuff said...

Joy, your Sumac tree is gorgeous!

easygardener said...

5.45am...that is a downright shocking time of day! There must be just you and the birds up at that time. Though I do see the advantage regarding the night attire :-)

Janet said...

Those staghorns are really sculptural looking.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Gail girl : )
I have to admit it was darn dry where I dug out place for my hydrangea .. almost "dustbowl" dry in fact .. kind of scary ? I really should pay attention to that part of the garden becuase my Sunset Maple drinks everybody's water ? LOL
Do you know what ? .. I wonder if Tiger Eye will ever have any horns ! I'm not sure if this variety does or not .. but I will do some research and let you know what I find .. I have to keep an eye for watering that baby too ..
Bring on AUTUMN ?? LOL

Tina .. girl the birds think they are in heaven here with all that I have for them .. but that Robinator .. he ate ALL of the Serviceberry fruit on us before we could get any rip berries .. what a HOG ! haha .. it was a hoot to see actually .. he was so happy !
Thanks girl ... you too !

Grace girl ! Are you happy with the size of Cityline ? .. do they stay compact ? .. I planted one last year among the bigger hydrangea .. it seem so petite I'm wondergin about moving it so we can see it better .. Pinky Winky goes a beautiful deep rose pink .. do you have that one ?
I'm with you about winter .. my body clock sleeps in (which is good becuase those dark mornings are terrible) .. and I gain weight if I don't get on the darn treadmill ... groan !
You can ignore my Autumn comments all you want girl .... but it is COMING !! hehehehe

Hello Katarin ! .. thank you so much girl ... I'm in love with it myself ? LOL

EG ... Isn't it a shocking time girl ?? LOL .. never in winter do I get up at that time .. my body knows better ? .. no garden to play in ? and you are so right about having no one around with the night attire issue ! hahaha

Janet girl ... they grow bigger and better every year and the birds KNOW where they are when it comes to serious eating fruit in the garden ! : )

tina said...

I didn't get any berries from my serviceberry either:( Oh well, there's always next year:)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Tina ... misery loves company girl ? LOL
We WILL have berries next year ... right ? !!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

I love that little drop... That is the yardstick to show that everything is in order... water, a source of life.

~ bangchik

Frances said...

Hi Joy, I love the thought of you sneaking about in your jammies with the camera. Very few are up around here at that time too, thankfully. Your sumac is quite the looker, and we are beginning to feel the twinge of autumn in the air on certain days too. I was excited to see only 110 days to Hallowe'en! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Hope you got that much needed rain. We finally got a few nice showers this afternoon, Hooray! Your Sumac is interesting with it's horns of ripening fruits. I'm with you, autumn can get here anytime ;)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Banchik ... isn't that the truth ? and so much life packed in a little drop like this .. it makes you stop and think about it all, doesn't it ? : )

Frances girl .. that is me all over .. sneaking around quietly hoping no one is up yet ? haha
Yes .. my Sumac is dancing towards that time of year when she is in all of her glory .. soon I will be totally serious about the Halloween count down !!! LOL

Racquel .. some of us really could take Autumn any time now right ? LOL .. we have 2 more full months of summer to squeak by .. we didn't get the rain that was fore casted yesterday .. just a light shower .. so the garden is groaning .. I hate having to drag the hose around but it is going to come to that .. GROAN !! LOL