Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Way too colourful !

I am still trying to find my way "home" on the new computer .. so running back and forth between old lap top and new PC is beginning to drive me a bit more battier ? than usual .. and that is saying something ! .. just ask husband ?
I edited a few of these pictures on old program and pushed the "rose coloured glasses" ? a bit too far so I apologize for the wince factor and a few screams that will be uttered .. I know .. WAY TOO COLOURFUL !! I swear I didn't know !!The above pictures were actually against very dark gray storm sky .. a lot of rolling thunder and showers happened .. glad for the free watering of the garden!I have had this Herbstonne character for several years and it has put up with being shoved in a small dark corner of the garden all this time .. you have to love a plant that doesn't give up on YOU ?This was after it had rained .. a lot .. and looked very dull and not as colourful as it should have .. so I fell in a vat of "paint your garden VIVIDLY why don't you"
Sorry .. ugh !!! eeekk !! Picasa made me do it on my lap top .. my new PC would have thrown me off the planet ?Almost not too overwhelming now ? .. the Halloween Black Rattles are curing nicely .. and below is Pineapple sage.. it truly smells like pineapple and is actually a very pretty plant .. an annual and well worth the space in the garden along with the fennel and purple sage.Sweet Autumn clematis is smothering arbors .. one here and the one between our house and my neighbor's .. it covers everything in it's path so keep moving when close to it !This shiny tin tea pot just makes me laugh .. there are no holes drilled in the bottom so I bury it in the garden for sunken treasure look ? wink winkI still love Morning Light ornamental grass .. it has such a presence to it but blends with other garden plants so well .. and if not blending it can certainly draw your attention to it in a snap !My windy path ...
Does this not remind you of "Little Shop of Horrors" ?
I expect to hear it singing to me soon with those luscious orange lips !


Marguerite said...

Love your teapot and your hens and chicks. Now I will never look at that plant the same way.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, the garden looks wonderful! I have Autumn Clematis also on the pergola and it gets so big there are times when I think of taking it down, but then it is so lovely when it blooms. I like the way yours is on that rounded arch, will see more of the flowers.

I love Morning Light and had it at my last home. It is too big for the yard I have now so I have to look for more upright and smaller grasses.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, especially that Little Shop of Horrors succulent.

Good luck getting to terms with your new computer... Fingers crossed!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Marguerite girl : )
I was shocked to see such a colourful flower on this Echeveria I tried to ver winter some last year but failed .. I so want this one to last so I will do anything it wants ? LOL I'll make sure to have pictures of the open flower too!

Eileen girl I never expected it to be such a monster but I love it too .. the masses of white flowers with scent is a wonderful Autumn pick me up ? ;-) Your gardens are so awesome Eileen I want to have mine like yours girl .. this grass is probably too big for where it is too but I push the envelope ?LOL

Hello flaneurgardening and thank you : ) it just kept reminding me of that when I look at it ? haha
I have to cut the umbilco cord soon with my lap top to become sure of myself here .. but are we ever really sure of ourselves on computers new or old ? LOL Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I thought your photos were fine. You will get used to the filter editing, but they looked good to me. I like the color of the Echinacea in your previous post. That is a pretty plant.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden looks great. I wish I had some of that rain. I thought of you when I ran into this video on another blog. I know you would like seeing it.

Rose said...

Don't apologize for all the color--I love it! I really need to add some 'Herbstonne' next year--I love these yellow blooms. I did add two 'Morning Lights' this year; I agree, they're beautiful grasses.

I was honored, Joy, that you thought I might be a hydrangea expert:) Actually, I don't even have any lacecaps, but the one you describe sounds lovely. Go ahead and try it! Frankly, I've never met a hydrangea I didn't love:)

Lona said...

Joy your garden looks wonderful. I really like that Rudbeckia. Your sedum bloom is going to be so pretty.It is too pretty to be in the Little Shop of Horrors. LOL!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Donna girl .. yup it takes some getting used to with a new computer and screen .. it is a huge screen compared to my lap top.
I really like those new little echinacea they have such a cute factor they won't be ignored ? LOL

Lisa girl I wish I could have sent you some of our rain to help you out (I have to go see what is on that video yet) .. I'll drop by your place and tell you what I think ? You have me very curious now!!

Rose girl you made me laugh ! There are hydrangea I don't like for some reason .. those great big BALL flower ones .. they just don't appeal to me .. I love the lace cap and of course panniculta like Pinky Winky and Little Lamb. I snapped this little lace cap up because I just HAD to .. you know how that is .. and yes .. our beautiful ornamental grasses .. I so love them with morning and afternoon light shining through them .. just so beautiful aren't they !

Lona girl you should see what is happening today .. it is so windy out there bits and pieces are flying around like a witch's broom .. yes .. I just had to describe it that way girl! LOL
I really hope to over winter those sedums in the house .. they are just too gorgeous .. the pressure is on now !! eeekkk !