Thursday, 4 August 2011

How about those 'chicks" ?!

I know .. what is up with the title to this post .. I think I am in a bit of a hurry and couldn't really nail a perfect statement to go with the pictures .. but you will "get it" anyways !
That morning, yesterday ? the rare one I slept in .. 30 minutes later than usual .. I guess I missed hearing Emma's head butting the bedroom door .. in any case I literally ran with the camera to catch the PINK/ORANGE sky !
It was beautiful and stretched way back towards the western sky as well.

Then the "blue" wanted some sky time ... then ... it rained a little with cooler temps it has been such a relief ! Thank you weather gods ? haha
So .. hum ... my planter here has been doing some rather (blush) strange things ..
What can I say .. when certain plants want to show off and multiply at the same time .. they just go ahead and DO IT !

I bought this planter at the beginning of the garden year and I love it .. I am taking it inside for the winter and I am going to try VERY hard not to kill the poor thing ;-)
Even the "hens" in the garden feel the need to show off as well ...
I keep taking pictures of the back garden because the front one NEEDS so much TLC it is scary!
We have had to listen to a lot of hammering and sawing with our neighbor having part of her fence and deck FIXED .. some of my plants have suffered a little for it too ..
But .. I can say a lot of the weeds were trampled too !
you have to see a positive side to every event ... right ?


Darla said...

Those 'chicks' are awesome and not very shy I might add! Sure you don't want an update on the show?

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Fun pics Joy, the new fence looks great. I like succulents in containers, so pretty. I find them too invasive in the garden though.

Sunita said...

Whoa! Obviously those succulents are trying to impress you, Joy! I'm very impressed with the ones growing in your garden, though. Do they survive winter snows okay?

Grace said...

Fences definitely make good neighbors. That "after" shot looks amazingly improved. Love that first photo of the PINK flowers. The sky pics are nice too. ... So are you watching? I'm thinking it was Nikki. She escaped the facility, did the deed. Now is back, safe and sound. Tomorrow I'll think it's somebody else. If you aren't watching but want an update, I'll be glad to oblige. Hope you're feeling well.

Lona said...

Just look at those chicks! LOL! Girl I think I am the only one who can kill hens & Chicks. LOL!
I have woods on three sides of my house and a neighbor across the road who I wish would build a very tall fence. LOL! I am so bad. I should be honored that she copies everything I do. Right? LOL! I told my daughter I was going to put a commode in the yard and plant flowers in it to see if she would too and then take it away really fast. LOL! So your fence is not so bad and bedsides you probably have lovely neighbors.

Patsi said...

Your chicks and hens are amazing in those planters.
Very cool sky shots. I'm always seeing neat sky shots but never have a camera with me.

Lola said...

Very pretty. Love your header pic. Glad you got some rain & cooler temps.
I really like the hens & chicks. Must try them again.

Marguerite said...

Beautiful container of hens and chicks. They've grown so well they're positively bursting. I would want to try and keep that container over winter as well, it's a wonderful centerpiece.

Diane said...

Lovely things happening in your garden. Yes, always look at the 'bright side of life.'

Your kitties are gorgeous.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Darla girl thank you : ) They are doing strange things all over my garden ! eeekkk !
I am not peeking at Y&R .. I swear!

Rebecca girl .. funny I have never thought of them as invasive! LOL
Yes .. the newer fence is much straighter and more private .. phew!

Hello there Sunita girl!
Thank you so much : ) Yes .. even through our Canadian winters these little guys keep shining !

Grace girl thank you .. it was always fenced in but the old one was really breaking down so this new one looks a lot better for sure! .. Nope ;-) I am staying away from that too predictable show .. but I did catch a glimpse when I was channel surfing and saw Ronan ... jeez ! I'm hanging in : )

Lona girl how on earth can you kill hens'n chicks !!!!!! .. you have a copycat gardener ? hehehe
hey I would have a 12 foot fence all around my house if I could .. I want total privacy .. anti-social?LOL .. do the toilet thing girl ! I dare you ! hehehe

Thank you Patsi girl : ) Hey how are you liking TB ? and did you know Sookie and Bill are actually married in real life ? LOL

Lola girl thank you and have to have some hens'n chicks .. they are a must for every garden !

Hello Marguerite and thank you : )
YES ! I truly hope to over winter this and have it for next year too!

Thanks Diane : ) I had a peek at your blog and your garden is gorgeous ! Hudson is quite the handsome kitty : )

Carrie said...

Long time no talk to Joy!! Love your garden, looking fabulous. I also have started a loving realtionship with succulents, aren't they great?
Hope all is well, I have your shadow photo up on my studio wall so I do think about you everyday ;)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Carrie girl I owe you an e-mail!
Thank you so much for stopping by .. and yes : ) succulents are so interesting and so different .. I really want to be able to take these in the house and have them stay alive over the winter .. they are so beautiful ! .. I will get to that e-mail girl as soon as I can : )