Monday, 22 August 2011

New Ecinacea and other life mysteries ?

This is my first post from the new computer and I am running into a few problems .. so be for warned it might get ugly here when I start throwing a tantrum ?
Having said that .. my life seems to be very "pink" .. from sunrises .. excluding the last couple of days when we have had thunder showers galore and the garden and trees have drank their worth .. thank you mom nature and please send some to those drought areas soon !!
I found two new echinacea cultivars "Sombrero Hot Pink" and "Little Annie"
Two dwarf types that are very hardy little characters.

I have also taken a shine to Pow Wow Wild Berry and collected quite a few of them .. I just couldn't help myself ?

The pockets of "sunshine" aka Black Eyed Susans are popping up every where and looking wonderful with the other echinacea .. also the sedum like Autumn Joy (now how could I resist that one ?) are maturing and becoming large and lovely .. I wish that lovely could apply to other large .. things ? in life!!

The tall ornamental grasses are looking fantastic themselves .. some taller than others due to more sunshine beamed in their direction.

This shot of the weeping Japanese Maple almost toughing "hands" with the fern just got to me .. it is sweet .. stop moaning and groaning .. we are allowed sweet moments in the garden !

The Indian Pinks have put on growth after I cut back the flower stalks .. it is holding up it's section in the garden very well .. and those flowers ? AMAZING!

Geraniums .. perennial ones that is .. I love my little Max Frei .. I have two little mounds in the raised rose bed that has a variety of nonsense keeping the roses company .. this little guy does well indeed !

I placed the two new echinacea in there as well to over winter then I will put them in pots for the deck because they are perfect for that.
I did follow through with suggestions to place Rozanne geranium in the bulb circle to cover the open soil .. fingers crossed !

I need some help with this mystery grass that over wintered in this pot very well .. I want to place it in the garden but I have no idea what it is .. I will comb through last years plant tags but usually I have a little clue ? but not with this one ! eeekkk !

Well ... since I got so excited with our guest frog (which I hope has been very happy with all the rain we have had) I haven't really spotted him after he scared the bejeezes out of me, but I'm sure he is still around) we have the guest chipmunk that has decided with all these free meals why the heck would he leave .. we think he has a little bachelor pad under the deck .. we haven't seen a Mrs. Speedy .. which is his name that is .. Speedy .. I thought of Hoover at first because he sucked up the seeds so fast ... but he is so fast he might as well be named for that .. right ?

Now how darn cute can you be while stuffing your face with FOOD ...

Some how that doesn't work for me .. being cute stuffing my face with food?

He also loves my grass seeds as you can see !

We also have our chickadees .. but I think they are the younglings our mature birds raised in the little bird house .. I couldn't get a great shot so I gave it soft focus.

There are odd things out of whack on this new computer .. no Bradley font or Papyrus .. and a few hitches to photo editing so I am still finding my way around here .. eeekkk !!


Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely selection of photos Joy. So, a new computer to play with ... lots of learning curves to follow. What sort of computer did you get?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks to me that you had fun on your new computer. All of these new fangled machines just take a little time to get used to.

Lona said...

Eww, I like The Little Anne's green cones. Pretty Joy. I have never heard of either of your two new ones. Your daisies look so pretty in the beds.That little chipmunk is really stuffing its jaws. LOL! So cute.

EG Wow said...

The new echinaceas look great. I may have to try one in my garden too. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Linda girl and thank you !
Tremendous learning curves girl (even though it was an easy set up .. I am trying to figure out why my video card isn't up/down loading!!) The computer was on sale at Best Buy (huge screen compared to my lap top) HP Omni 100PC .. it is an adventure ?? LOL

Lisa girl .. it is a huge mountain for me to climb because I get too comfortable in my "comfort zone" You have to drag me out of it kicking and screaming ? LOL

Lona girl I was supposed to stop buying plants and get stuck into my compost and mulching and moving of the last plants mode .. instead ? I buy these cuties .. but they are tiny little things that will stay dwarf .. phew!!

Hello there EG : )
YES !! They stay small if you are concerned about space .. and they bloom non stop .. even though I just got them they are blooming their little heads off ! ;-)

Marguerite said...

Love the photo of that chipmunk beside your grasses. So nice to see him eating right off the plant. I stuff my face all the time but no one ever says I look cute. Not fair.

Gatsbys Gardens said...


You have some coneflowers I have not seen here. I have not had luck with the orange and red ones, just do not come back for me. Pow Wow has already succumbed, looked like it rotted.

That grass looks somewhat like my carex grass but not the same variety.


Anonymous said...

Speedy is really cute. Chipper, who lives in my garden has not been seen in a while. I hope he was not cat food. I like your new Echinaceas, nice addition.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Everything looks great Joy, and I'd say you're adjusting to your new computer very well! The chipmunk cheeks are adorable, what a cute little visitor. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Marguerite girl you gave me such a good laugh this morning : ) Thank you! .. I too stuff my face all the time with the same lack of response of no cuteness factor ? hahaha
Ahhh .. so what eh ? Life is SHORT!

Eileen girl I also have not such great luck with the really new varieties of intense colour and this year, even my hardy ones did not look good at all .. I thought it may be just one of those years that they are plagued by some mystery virus .. I am really hoping these new dwarf ones will take .. they are supposed to be VERY hardy!

Hey there Donna : ) husband calls him Chippy but I have to call him Speedy for some reason .. first it was Hoover because he just sucked up the seeds so fast .. I also worry about the neighborhood cats and the competing squirrels .. life is scary for these small creatures .. I don't want to see a little dead body !!!

Hello Rebecca : ) Thank you !
I'm still going back and forth with the lap top and new computer .. a few "bugs" to work out still but it is amazing how spoiled you get with a BIG screen ? LOL .. we have been lucky with good rainfall the past few days so everything has had a good drink and with cooler temps .. I wish this weather would stay !!

Rose said...

Love your new echinaceas; I would have a hard time resisting these cuties, too. Little Speedy is pretty darned cute, too:)

Crafty Gardener said...

Awesome choice Joy. I love HP computers and have that one on my horizons. But then I'm so tempted to go with a MAC.

Grace said...

Good luck with your new computer, Joy girl. I hope it doesn't give you too many gray hairs! :) If you get stressed you can always take a stroll in that gorgeous garden of yours. I love your little Speedy. He's so cute. My friend Carol has a chipmunk that she calls "Chippy." I hope you see Mr. Frog again soon. Hugs.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Rose girl and thank you! I left a little message on your blog asking about a hydrangea I hadn't seen before .. if you had any experience with it .. I brought it home .. couldn't resist it ! LOL

Hi again Linda and thanks!.. It is a great computer but you know how it is to leave your comfort zone and try to cram new procedures in your head ?LOL .. We never went with a MAC all the time we have had computers .. I guess that would be too much of a change for us ;-)

Grace girl thanks : ) Husband keeps calling him Chippy too .. I am stuck on Speedy .. as if the little guy would come when called ? LOL .. I wish I could see Mr. Frog again too .. but I am hoping he is comfortable in the garden some where and eating lots of bugs ! I think we are in for more rain today which is fine with me : )and probably Mr. Frog too!