Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday Skywatch in the GWN

It has been so rare to see any red in the sky this month, that I GRAB the camera and RUN when I get a hint .. many a time the girls aka my kitties, know something is up and they are smart enough to clear a path for me .. other wise they know what it feels like to have their tails stepped upon with a profusion of naughty words flowing through the air like some kind of opera NO one wants to HEAR !

I find the above picture, with the very top of this tree hidden by the house, an odd combination of starkness yet fantastic colour that should warm it ?
... and then it begins to fade very quickly ... and I do mean QUICKLY !
I'm not sure why this month is so "mean" with sunrise colours .. but talk about "grinchy" ??
Now for some fun, about speaking on the subject of "warm" ..
Jen girl from Muddy Boots .. pointed out something to me that had been going on for some time and I was clueless but yet WONDERED about this peculiar descriptive phrase from Picassa .. I was calling a filter "Warm Fly" and although wondering all the time "why would warm flies" be attached to a colour filter program .. wouldn't anyone with a full capacity of brain cells want to figure out this very strange phrase ? and isn't that kind of weird to make you think of warm flies ?
There is the problem .. full capacity of functioning brain cells !!! .. SO NOT ME !!!

So ... this is WARMIFY for the two above pictures to illustrate the contrast of how WARMIFY works its magic .. it makes me feel all snugly and WARM .. without FLIES !!!! phew !!
These two bottom pictures I caught one night through my bedroom window .. thus the little round circle reflection coming back at the picture .. darn it all !
You can actually see through WARMIFY that the moon isn't as round as you think .. it has a funny bit of a wobble to it .. some what like my brain ?
OK  Jen .. you have to stop laughing at some point and all you other bloggers that have been giggling .. LOLA ?? haha
I also want to mention Marguerite from Canoe Corner for giving me a heads up and a sweet reference to me with her beautiful sky pictures .. I would have missed them because I am so behind in post hopping .. they were gorgeous pictures girl !
Also .. even though it is way past Halloween .. Skeeter from In the Garden .. gave me a clue that she had a fantastic post on her adventures at "Wags to Witches" charity event for rescue animals .. your costumes were the "Cat's Meow" girl and congratulations to Cheetah on her calendar picture : )
If any of you know I must have missed a post you thought I should see ? PLEASE let me know !!!


Meggie said...

Oh Lord! This looks really dramatic!!
You can directly get scared!
But the cats have probably got scared
I can very well imagine a racing Joy - kicking everything out of the way ... lol My day is saved! *giggle*
But now I must run into the kitchen...
Have a nice day! Here it's already pitch dark

Crafty Gardener said...

Love the sky photos Joy, and warmify works great. I'll have to play with that when we get home. First snow in Sooke, BC, where we are right now. I bet we'll see lots of snow on the train trip home next week.

Lona said...

Hi Joy Girl! Now that is a fantastic sunrise. The red and pink sunrises are always o beautiful.Great Shots. I hope you didn't hurt anything when you took off running to catch those shots. LOL!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Meggie girl : )
It is funny to think of you being 6 hours ahead of us Meggie .. when I was over there it was even funnier to think the opposite to here .. girls know when mom is on the run LOOK OUT !! hahaha

Linda girl I have to get over to your place (red faced) You are in Sooke BC !! and by train you must see some awesome landscape .. I hope you have been taking lots of pictures girl !

Lona girl I really have to watch what I am doing when I go to super speed for pictures .. I make break the sound barrier here one day and that boom you hear ? will be ME ! LOL

Lola said...

ROFLOL, You are at it, Joy. Look out girls, mom's on a run.
A good laugh never hurt anyone.
Love it.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lola girl : )glad you got a giggle out of what does look like a circus here at times .. so far not injurious to girls or me ? wink !