Thursday, 18 October 2007

The 'shroommmmmmmm !

Yup ... those are mushrooms ! .. what kind I couldn't tell you .. but I don't think this particular type has shown up on this log (ok .. aka BIG driftwood my hubby 'fished out' for me a few years ago) .. notice the lichen ? growing further south or downhill .. take your pick on the direction .. heaven knows I have no sense .. of direction that is. In any case .. nope I'm not eating them no matter how good they look .. but thrilled to have their company .. lichen,moss or 'shroommmsss !
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GardenKazuo said...

I can't go pass to read this topics. This mushroom seems to be ustale and is a typical poisonouse kind. Most cases of poisoning are by this mushroom in Japan,because it looks like shiitake and is not bright . Fortunately poison is not so strong.So you can survive if you tried it.