Thursday, 15 November 2007

A few more "easy" ? ones

Snake plant ("mother-in-law's tongue ??.. gross !) .. in any case .. another "dummies" plant thus I can breath safely .. most economical way to have a good sized plant is buy a few small ones and put it in a nice pot ! .. done deal ! info on this plant -->
The ever popular Christmas cactus ... I don't care what other people say .. sigh .. I like them !
Good info here --> .. another way to have a good sized plant .. buy a few of the cheaper small ones they will love being together in one nice pot !
Now .. Aloe Vera plants .. I have never had them before but always wondered about them .. they are also in porous terra cotta (bleach washed) pots .. so they can breath and the danger of over watering is not as bad as a glazed closed pot. I bought these as very small "arms" and they seem to have reached up so far I am amazed ! .. benefit of having them in the kitchen .. burn medicine is right THERE !
Info here -->

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Crafty Gardener said...

Thanks for leaving a link to my page about the Christmas cactus plants. I also have similar info up on my gardening blog Crafty Gardener ... The Gardener Side