Monday, 19 November 2007


Ok .. I had to satisfy another "plant" urge .. I only intended to buy a couple of small "cheap" Xmas cactus and fill up these great "bleach washed" terra cotta containers (I'm still in my terra cotta heaven) ... in any case .. yes .. a couple of the lighter colour flowered cactus plus a dash of "Baby's Tears" Helxine soleirolii (Soleirolia soleirolii) --> .. I'm not too sure these two are compatible but hey .. I'm willing to experiment ! So that plant combo is on the left .. leaving the smaller container with a plant I have never seen or heard of before .. SELAGINELLA MARTENSII FROSTY .. "Frosty Winter fern" --> "Frosted Club Moss" Arched, yet creeping, prostrate brittle, much-divided stems winged with scale-like glossy leaves with new growth and tip growth Frosted cream to white. Mexican species for the larger terrarium. New cultivar yet not difficult given good humidity."
That is all I have found out really .. searches on this particular plant are scarce ! .. I have a misting bottle so I think I can keep that aspect up to snuff .. hopefully that is .. I always become a danger to myself, and the poor victim houseplants, I collect in the winter with that "I think I can" attitude .. if nothing else I can complain about how difficult they are to keep happy ! haha

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