Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Sophie's Point of VIEW

Ok .. You have to understand Sophie's point of view with the fact that we are almost snowed under ? .. in her little cat mind , we are BURIED under this stinking white stuff. So what is a girl to do ? First you look out the door and see nuthin' but WHITE .. then you look UP the door (what good that does is her idea) .. then you shake your little cat head VIGOROUSLY to see if the "snow" goes away .. then .. you turn your back on it, to show "it" you don't CARE ? ... Ultimately you hide under mom's neon night wear to escape the damn stuff !


Crafty Gardener said...

Our cat Shadow is doing the same as Sohpie ... sitting by the door and asking to go out, but as soon as you open the door she turns and runs away.

jodi said...

Now this is funny, Joy! And so typical. Here, while the snow continues to pile up (although now, worrisomely, it's raining) the catchildren have contented themselves mostly with watching bird televisionout the windows. Mungus did escape earlier today when I went out to check the barn, but five minutes of bounding through way--deep snow was enough for him to become humble and ask to be rescued.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Crafty !
My cats have always been "in-door" kids .. but they love to look out with the deck door open .. now that we only have Sophie she will be Queen of the door come Spring.
Hi Jodie !
Love the term "bird-television" .. haha .. Sophie loves any activity on the deck .. dancing leaves are almost her favorite come Autumn . But birds .. yup, action TV for sure !

Joy : )