Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The neighbor's cedar

I am really taken with our neighbor's cedar .. it is so pretty (ok .. some times I can use "pretty" in the same sentence as snow .. even now ?) with a bit of snow (obviously we have way too much now) and xmas lights on during the holidays. It also is one heck of a home for the little finches during their season .. there has been more than one time I have walked by preoccupied with a garden chore .. when one of them has flown out of there scaring the crackers out of me .. then I look around to see if anyone had seen me jump 3 feet .. BIG sigh ! They know by now I'm not quite "centered" anyways .. but it isn't one of those occasions you can pretend you tripped over something when you go straight up in the air !


robbinscabin said...

When there is nothing but white snow everywhere anything green begins to look sooo special, doesn't it? Thank goodness for evergreens!

GardenJoy4Me said...

I really love that darn cedar of the neighbors (I secretly adopted it for ME ! haha) .. it is too funny when those little birds fly out though .. I am getting good at the "high jump" ! haha