Monday, 17 March 2008

Old Country Gardens: Go Green#links

Old Country Gardens: Go Green#links


WiseAcre said...

Thanks for showing me the way to Old Country Gardens. I'd let Melanie lecture me anyday :)

I'll have to go lurk in her gardens when I go down to Long Island.

Anna said...

She did a great job didn't she. Greens are so soothing. I was so worried about what shade of green to use--but I'll just put them all in there like Melaine did and not worry so much about it!!

Melanie said...

Joy, Happy St. Patrick's day to you! This was the best present ever! You are such a doll, I'm thinking real hard of warm tropical breezes in hopes that they waft north of here and sweep over your garden. It shouldn't be too hard for me since I'm full of hot air so often :-)

GardenJoy4Me said...

melanie .. I usually ASK before I do a link .. go figure .. the head was all ready out the door by the way I figured it out ?
I'm so glad you are pleased !
I promis to warn you if I do that again girl ! LOL

Anna .. I just follow how I feel that day .. and it isn't like we don't rearrange them at all every so often ?? is it ?? LOL

Now wiseacre .. don't become a garden stalker .. I might have to go to court after you blame me for the route you took .. then, there goes my plant trade with melanie!