Monday, 17 March 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I know .. some of my plants aren't exactly totally GREEN. Remember it is MONDAY after all .. it could be worse ?

One of my "loves" from last year is Jack Frost Brunnera .. I am totally head over heals in love with this plant. Even when it was dry .. neglected .. chewed on by nasty things .. it bravely stood out as the most beautiful new comer I had for the year .. I would gladly get another one ! I haven't even seen those gorgeous little blue flowers when I bought it .. purely for foliage alone .. because I love the way it looks ..

The second photo .. has what my hubby calls snobby lettuce ? .. Lime Ricky .. I hope that is what it is .. holy cow .. now I have a doubt or two so if anyone wants to correct me .. please let me know .. I love hosts in the front bed .. this picture doesn't show them all ..

I loved Melanie's post from Old Country Gardens .. I linked .. I better ask her if it is alright .. I'm running out the door to an appointment .. so I'll get to her before she sees this ? YIKES !


easygardener said...

I've got Jack Frost too! Lovely plant - the metallic sheen really catches the eye especially in a shady area.

Gail said...

Beautiful shades of green. The brunnera is a good looking plant.


garden girl said...

I love Jack Frost. I lusted after him last year at our greenhouse until about July when the last Jack was sold. I was afraid he wouldn't like my dry garden, but I'm still so tempted to try. Maybe this year when I won't have so many new plants at once to establish. . .

Brenda Kula said...

I love the greens in the garden about as much as the bright, vibrant colors. There's nothing like a broad-leafed hosta to edge a more colorful plant bed. The chartreuse color of your posted plants are gorgeous.

Cinj said...

Hey! I love the pictures. They must be from your archive, right? We're getting more snow today. UGH! I thought I was done with getting snow.

Anna said...

Joy that is a really pretty combo of shade plants. I like the heuchera plopped in there for some complimentary splash of color. It is beautiful. I did follow your link to Melanie's place and thought it was beautiful. I got good black dirt right now at the new place--does that count for a green wanna be?

Melanie said...

Joy, both of these photos are stunning! I can tell you have so much fun finding leaf contrasts and you have a great eye! I think you and I have the same taste in plants, too bad we don't live close enough to trade.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Melanie .. this was such a rush job, I didn't get the really good ones on here .. but thank you !
AND yes !!! .. it would cut down on a lot of your excess plants ? in your gardens .. I'll help you "edit" any time !?? LOL

Anna .. good black dirt is awesome ( wish I had more) .. it's potential is bind boggling .. so imagine just about anything !!!

Cinj .. yes .. I ran last years blog and archived it on DVD .. This was before the BIG hail storm we had which tore so many plants up .. just past mid June ..
Rain tomorrow for us .. we think ?

Brenda .. thanks ! I am becoming a bit a blue hosta freak .. thus looking for "Blue Mouse Ears" !
Placing specimen ? plants together shows them off rather well I think too !

Graden girl .. I am totally besotted with Jack Frost, he is near Silver Scrolls Heuchera and they play off each others colour and design .. two favorites of mine for sure !

Gail ... you gotta' love Jack .. he is a slick looking brunnera

Easygardener .. it is amazing how its colours change and reflect the light values differently .. a stunner some days !

No Rain said...

Not quite 40 shades of green, but you're off to a good start! I love the Brunnera. I wonder if it would work as a houseplant here in the low desert. I'll have to do some research!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Aiyana .. I wonder if it would work too ? .. If I get a chance to get another one this year, and shoe horn it in, I will !

VP said...

Hi Joy,

That Jack Frost Brunnera's been on my shopping list for a while - it's gorgeous isn't it!

Happy St Paddy's Day for ysterday - have you got a hangover today from all the celebrations? ;)

Shady Gardener said...

You have chosen some of my favorites, too. I love Jack Frost, as well as other Brunnera. Their dainty blue flowers remind me of Forget-Me-Not. :-) You must have a nice shady yard because I'm seeing so many lovely, familiar plants!

I also like adding unusual items that (I think!) make life interesting out there. You're fortunate that your husband shares your interest!

Happy Gardening!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

VP .. I know I won't be able to hold myself back from buying another "Jack" .. even in our humidity and drought (ironic isn't it ?) it looked wonderful to me !
Get yourself one girl !!

Hi Shady .. my light values are changing to more shade conditions than when we first moved in here .. believe me .. I'm very glad of it .. full sun can have wonderful plants too .. but I wilt as a gardener trying to work in that type of garden ! LOL

Nancy J. Bond said...

Such varied greens...and lovely, each one of them!

Anonymous said...

Joy - It's all been said, but I do love the many shades, variegations and textures... you certainly do have an eye for this... Deb

GardenJoy4Me said...

Deb .. I have been worried with this LONG winter if I will see my front bed look as good, or even as I hope, BETTER ? this year .. BIG sigh !
Thanks for having a look and the nice compliments : )